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Jersey Shore Beats Republican Debate In Ratings

08-13-2011 by Linda S. Carbonell

The headline says it all. Snooki in Florence got more viewers than the Republican candidate debate. She and her friends drew 7.4 million viewers, while the debate only got 5 million. The second season premiere, the previous week, garnered 8.8 million viewers, so even with ratings dropping, Jersey Shore beat the Repubs.

Of course, the Shore gang scored highest in the 12 to 34 year olds demographic. Exempting sports events, the show holds one of the top 15 viewership slots on cable for the year.

Only five million televisions were tuned to the debate? Only 5,000,000 of us gave a damn what these people had to say? We have approximately 260 million televisions in American homes. They only got 1.9% of the televisions in America? If you pull it as pure population numbers, 5 million out of 311 million people watched the debate. That’s only 1.6% of us.

Now, aren’t those lovely statistics?



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