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DADT Is Over And 101 Servicemembers Celebrate By Coming Out

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It is over. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is now gone, at least in terms of the policy and in terms of the law. Trying to put this particular genie back in the bottle will prove to be nigh on impossible, though many Republican candidates are set on trying.

In the early hours of this policy’s death, OutServe has released the latest edition of its magazine featuring 101 active-serving military members identified by rank, name, and duty station, along with their pictures.

It also features, for the first time, the real name of the man known to many as just JD Smith. Air Force 1st Lieutenant Josh Seefried, the co-director of OutServe, stated about this issue of OutServe Magazine “We could not be more proud of this magazine and the opportunity it gives us to educate and inform all service members – gay and straight – about who we really are. There is so much misinformation out there about the LGBT community and as we begin a new day for the American military, OutServe Magazine will be a vehicle to tell our stories and a way of helping all of us understand each other better. As of today, we can speak up for ourselves honestly, so the troops on either side of us can understand, we have more in common than you might imagine.”

While hard copies of the magazine are available in selected military bases, it can be downloaded at

Staff Sergeant Jonathan Mills, the executive editor, wrote in the ‘101 Faces of Courage’ feature “We’re stepping forward to a new day, a new life… a life of openness, of integrity, of honor. I am honored to play a part in helping this new chapter in American military history unfold in way that honors the lives of those who have served in silence and those who serve beside us with common goals and dreams.”

Captain Eddy Sweeney, who also edited the magazine, stated “This magazine is not only a way to connect and support LGBT troops from all over the world, but also to create and foster a dialogue on issues unique to the LGBT community within the military,” he said. “Our lives and our families have been invisible and silent. We are presenting real faces – and real voices – to replace the false image many have of gay and lesbian people.”

Meanwhile, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little stated on Monday that the military is adequately prepared for the end of the policy. Little stated “No one should be left with the impression that we are unprepared. We are prepared for repeal.” As of last week, 97% of the military had undergone training in the new law.

Aubrey Sarvis of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and an Army veteran stated “Through these events taking place in every state across the country we will pay tribute to their service and sacrifice as we look forward to this new era of military service — an era that honors the contributions of all qualified Americans who have served and wish to serve.”

The following is from a documentary on the issue done by HBO.



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