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BioWare Showcases New SW: The Old Republic Warzone: The Voidstar

It is Friday again, and at the Star Wars: The Old Republic community site, that usually means some premium information about the game. Unfortunately, not this week. The update this time was a bit less than some people were hoping because, well, a lot of us would like to get some more information on the remaining unexplored classes such as the Imperial Agent, the Sith Inquisitor and the Jedi Consular.

Instead, we got a nice tour of a new Warzone. The Warzones are areas where players from opposing, and sometimes the same, factions go to battle it out between themselves over an objective. For World of Warcraft afficionados out there, these would be the same and battlegrounds. This time, they have introduced the Void Star, which is an Imperial prototype ship which was thought lost during the Great Galactic War.

Republic and Imperial players race to the computer core of the ship in order to download the information that is stored in it:



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