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Bryan Fischer Claims Tea Party Ended Slavery- 150 Years Later?

Bryan Fischer believes that Muslims were responsible for slavery in American, and that it was Evangelical Tea Party Christians who brought it to an end. Of course, he’s wrong on both counts. Of course, Fischer is trying desperately to prove that his group of people are, well, wonderful bearers of light and peace and all the stuff he can pull out of his ass when he feels like it.

Of course, Fischer loves to meld reality with fantasy here. He wrote about Islam and slavery:

[M]aking concessions to Sharia law over against the moral code of the Judeo-Christian tradition is nothing new for America. We started doing it in 1619 when we began to tolerate the slave trade, as the first shipment of 30 African slaves arrived on the shores of Virginia … The slaves who were brought here in chains in 1619 were Africans who had been kidnapped by other Africans and sold to slave traders who in turn brought them to America. The kidnappers, the ones who went into the interior of Africa to capture their fellow Africans to sell them into bondage, were predominantly Muslims.

Now, in contrast to Islam and Sharia, the Judeo-Christian tradition from day one has been adamantly opposed to the slave trade … Moses flatly prohibited the slave trade under penalty of death. “Whoever steals a man and sells him, and anyone found in possession of him, shall be put to death” (Exodus 21:16). In other words, if a strictly biblical code had been followed in 1619, the slave trader who brought that ship to Virginia would have been arrested the moment he landed, prosecuted and hung by the neck until dead. The slaves on board would have been returned to their families and their homelands, and slavery would never have gained a foothold in the United States.

But sadly, we made our first concession to Sharia law in 1619 instead of being guided by the wisdom of Scripture, and we have paid a terrible price for it. Slavery became our first national sin, as abortion is today … So if the early colonists had followed either the Old or New Testaments, the slave trade would have been treated as criminal behavior from the very beginning, and America never would have been plagued with all the myriad evils that slavery and racism have brought to our land.

Actually, he is very wrong. You see, the people who bought and brought over slaves were Christians, and many of the tribes who sold slaves to the Muslim middlemen were from African tribes. What is more, many Christians tried to claim that it was very Christian to enslave Blacks because they were not proper human beings.

Of course, that comes out of many people including the Southern Baptists.

Oh yes, that is right. The Southern Baptists broke from the Northern Baptists in large part because of the issue of slavery. Southern Baptists wanted to keep it, but Northern Baptists did not. In fact, many Evangelicals in the North wanted to do away with slavery. In fact, in 1844 Basil Manly, Sr., president of the University of Alabama, pushed to have slave holders be allowed to hold senior positions in the Baptist faith only to have that rejected. In the end, the Baptists in Georgia rejected the national ban on slave holders holding ecclesiastical offices and began to break away. It would not be until almost 150 years that they would even condemn their ancestor’s hold on slavery and racism.

Fischer long ago abandoned reality for his fantasy.

As for the Tea Party, they did not exist until recently, and it should be noted that, like it or not, he just claimed that they are all, well, Southern Baptists.

Via RightWingWatch.



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3 Responses to Bryan Fischer Claims Tea Party Ended Slavery- 150 Years Later?

  1. Michael

    November 1, 2011 at 3:26 am

    Took us long enough.

  2. larry Linn

    October 16, 2011 at 8:40 am

    If television entertainer, Bryan Fischer wants to support the laws of the Bible, he should start with “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads.” — Leviticus 19:27″, and let his side burns grow out along with a beard.

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