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Ohio Governor John Kasich To Sign Order Limiting Exotic Pet Ownership

Governor John Kasich has announced this Friday that he will sign an executive order which cracks down on dangerous exotic pets. This comes in the wake of Terry Thompson’s decision to free dozens of dangerous exotic animals and then commit suicide. Thompson was also made a bit of a snack on by the animals he set free. Kasich had let an order regarding the ownership of exotic animals expire this past spring.

He stated that it lacked legal authority.

Activists have complains about Ohio’s position as the front runner in the nation when it comes to lack regulation of exotic pets. Police shot most of the animals that were freed, and this included tigers, lions, bears, and wolves. Apparently, Thompson had been keeping some of the animals in barely secured cages, according to newly released documents.

Authorities and animal experts had checked the property three years ago and found that some cages were not even padlocked and were held together with just plastic ties, and the fences were so low that animals could jump them.

MSNBC also reported that:

Authorities also questioned Thompson and his wife about animal bodies found in a ravine they called the “dead hole.”

Thompson’s wife, Marian, told a detective in one 2005 sheriff’s report released Friday she was trying to stop her husband from bringing in so many animals.

The complaints said Thompson also starved cattle at one farm.

Thompson’s collection of exotic creatures was no secret to neighbors or authorities who were called many times over the years about animals wandering away. But their escape this time was no accident.

The photo is via MSNBC.



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