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Polish Parliament Gets First Trans Woman Member

Anna Grodzka, the president of TGEU, is the first openly trans woman to be elected to the Polish Parliament. Grodzka has been working on transgender, transsexual and intersexual issues for more than four years. She was a candidate of the Palikot movement, which is a new politcal party that has come forward with progressive ideas regarding LGBTQI issues.

Wiktor Dynarski, TGEU CEE Working Group coordinator, stated “This is an incredible step forward for Poland. We were aware of the fact that Anna’s decision to actually become a candidate would bring a lot more discussion on transgender issues into Polish politics, but we have never even dreamt of achieving such an incredible success!”

Her election is not entirely surprising given the slowly building backlash against the Catholic Church’s hierarchy in Europe as a whole. Poland is heavily Catholic.

Many trans and intersexual interviduals feel very unsafe and unheard in Poland. They do not even have basic rights regarding recognition of name and gender changes, at least by law. Precedent is all that governs that right now.

According to TGEU “Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg identified Poland [1] to be amongst those countries not providing for ‘quick, transparent and accessible’ mechanisms as recommended by the Committee of Ministers[2]. Hammarberg demands from member states to fulfill their positive obligation to provide for legal gender recognition, as established repeatedly by the European Court for Human Rights and European Court of Justice.”

TGEU Co-chair, Richard Köhler stated “Poland has ignored the rights of its transgender citizens for long. It is high time to finally discuss introduction of a gender recognition law. We are optimistic that Grodzka’s success will motivate more countries in the Central-Eastern European region to take notice of the existence of transgender and intersex persons and their rights.”



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