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St. Francis and an Alabama Beagle

Daniel the Miracle Beagle


St. Francis, the patron saint of animals, seems to have made a stop in Florence, Alabama. On Oct. 3, the 785th anniversary of the saint’s death, the local animal control officer was performing the saddest duty in his job, euthanizing unwanted strays the local shelter had no room for. Until Dec. 31st, Alabama still uses carbon monoxide gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals.

When the chamber was opened, a young beagle mix walked out, scared but alive, wagging his tail. Thank you, St. Francis, for saving this one. He was unwanted, dropped anonymously in a drop box outside the pound. With an influx of 60 dogs the day before, there was no room to give him a chance.

However, shelter policy states that if an animal survives the gas chamber, they have to find a home for him (guess they don’t want to mess with divine intervention!). Dubbed “Daniel” for the biblical figure who walked out of a lion’s den, the miracle dog has a second chance.

Wednesday he was flown to New Jersey, tail wagging the whole way, where the nonprofit Eleventh Hour Rescue group have placed him into foster care and will find him a new home. His foster mom says “He’s absolutely fabulous. He walked in the house like he had always lived there. He’s very sweet, happy and outgoing.”

The group will take its time sorting through the over-100 applications to adopt Daniel to find him the right home, where he will never be dropped off as unwanted again. Their only regret, right now, is that about 50% of those applicants said they don’t want another dog if Daniel is not available.

But then, there’s the 50% who will.



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