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The North Carolina Foxx Strikes Again

Rep. Virginia Foxx, Republican, North Carolina

Rep. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina has made Keith Olbermann’s Worst Persons list so many times I’ve lost count. She can be so far out in orbit that she makes Michele Bachmann look rational. It’s really no surprise that she would make a totally illogical argument for changing the laws concerning emergency hospital care.

The bill would allow hospitals to refuse treatment to pregnant women for anything other than a full-term delivery. But, let’s give the floor to Rep. Jackie Speier of California, who spoke so eloquently last spring about her own medically necessary abortion…..”I think this bill goes to the farthest extreme in trying to take women down, not just a peg, but take them in shackles to some cave somewhere. Twenty-five years ago, this body pass the EMTALA [Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act], a bill that basically said that anyone that shows up at an emergency room would access health care, no questions asked. Now, my colleaugues on the other side of the aisle want to amend that law and basically say, ‘Oh, except for a woman who is in

need of an abortion, or except for a woman who is bleeding to death who happens to be pregnant, or except for a woman who is miscarrying.’ Basically, what this bill would do is say that any hospital could decline to provide services to one class of people in this country and that one class of people are pregnant women. What my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are attempting to do is misogynist. It is absolutely misogynist.” How about I add a couple….a woman who’s been in an auto accident and one of her unborn twins is dead in the womb, or a woman who’s been beaten and kicked in the abdomen and the blow ruptured her womb and killed the baby. And the horrible part – it was the same woman, five years apart. One of the twins did survive that car accident, delivered by Caesarian very prematurely, a beautiful little girl named Sarah. It would not if they had tried to take her to term with a dead twin. The second dead fetus almost killed the mother.

The ever absolutely sure of herself Rep. Foxx responded that the Democrats were “outside the mainstream” for wanting to use taxpayer funding for abortions. “For my colleagues across the aisle who say that this is a misogynist bill, nobody has ever fought more for the rights of women than I have. Fifty percent of the unborn babies that are being aborted are females. So the misogyny comes from those that promote the killing of unborn babies. That’s where the misogyny comes in, Madame Speaker.”

Rep. Jackie Speier, Democrat, California

Whoa, wait one minute, when did John Boehner have gender reassignment surgery? How did that story miss us? And then there’s the matter of what the hell does denying medical treatment to pregnant women in an emergency room have to do with federal funding for abortion? Federal funding is already barred for abortions. That’s the law. This bill would cut women off from emergency treatment in the event of a catastrophe during the pregnancy. The only unborn baby this might save is one delivered from a dead mother.

Besides Rep. Speier, a couple of other prominent women have weighed in on this. Dawn Laguens of Planned Parenthood Federation of America said in press release, “Once again, instead of focusing on improving access to health care, opponents fo women’s health are manipulating the legislative process to undermine women’s access to and information about comprehensive reproductive health care services.” And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelois told reporters, “‘The Protect Life Act’ would never be passed by Democrats in the Senate or signed into law by President Barack Obama. Under this bill, when the Republicans vote for this bill today, they will be voting to say that women can die on the floor of health care providers. I can’t even describe to you the logic of what they are doing today.”

President Obama stated his intentions to veto the bill before the debate.




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3 Responses to The North Carolina Foxx Strikes Again

  1. Panagiotes Koutelidakes

    August 14, 2012 at 11:10 am

    I’d like to focus a bit on something Foxx said:
    “[...] Fifty percent of the unborn babies that are being aborted are females. So the misogyny comes from those that promote the killing of unborn babies. [...]”

    Frankly, this excerpt suggests Foxx has trouble with basic statistics; for it is obvious that, providing a misogynist foundation, the expected number of aborted females fetuses would have been over 50%, not exactly that (as she said). Following her words, one would assume it is misogynic for any female to be aborted & only males should be aborted (a perfect example of absurdity, therefore unacceptable)…

  2. matt

    March 5, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    I’m so tired of hating Virginia Foxx. I’m going to do something about it. I’m going to start supporting any other person that runs against her. Starting with these people

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