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The Statistics Disprove The Tea Party

The Party Pie Chart

A frequently used right wing “statistic” is “all liberals are welfare sucking, useless piles of excrement,” or words to that effect. Allegedly, the only people who vote Democratic are entitlement-dependent and have never held a job or paid a tax in their lives. So, here are the real statistics, just for ammunition.  (By the way, I hate math with a passion, so this article is a labor of love or insanity or flat-out anger at the way liberals are represented.)

The total American population is 311,800,000.

Of that total, there are 218,054,300 eligible voters.

The party identification numbers used here come from Gallup Polls conducted in September, 2011.

As of last month, 32% of all eligible voters identify themselves as Democrats, while an additional 17% “lean Democratic,” for a total of 49%.

Gallup showed 21% of all eligible voters identify themselves as Republicans, while an additional 19% “lean Republican,” for a total of 40%.

And, finally, 46% of all eligible voters identify themselves as Independents. The “leaners” are part of this 46%. Only 11% of eligible voters don’t identify with either party in any way, and can be considered members or leaners for the other parties, like the Greens.

That’s 69,777,376 registered Democrats, or 106,846,600 total who both are or lean Democratic.

That’s 45,791,403 registered Republicans, or 87,221,720 total who both are or lean Republican.

There are 23,985,973 true Independents in America.

Now, all Social Security-receiving retirees are not Democrats. Their ratio is pretty much equal to the rest of the electorate. So, of 38,600,000 retirees (or those over 65), one can confidently say that 18,914,000 are committed Democrats and/or lean Democratic..

Those who are classified as disabled and receiving SSDI number 13,693,000. Those receiving emergency Social Security number 7,844,000. Since disability is not political affiliation-dependent, one can reasonably make the case that among the disabled, the political division is equal to the regular population. That means that only 10,553,130 are committed Democrats and/or lean Democratic.

There are 1,096,675 adults on welfare programs. The remaining 4,405,394 welfare recipients are under 18. Contrary to the republican “statistics” there are not 11 million illegal immigrants on welfare. In fact, there are only 5,502,069 adults and children receiving welfare. Numerically, whites are the greatest number of recipients, though with only 14% of the population, 40% of all welfare recipients are black. We’ll give this one to the Republicans – they can claim that all welfare recipients are Democrats.

That makes the total entitlement-dependent population who are supposed to be Democrats and/or leaning Democratic 29,467,130.

So, 106,846,600 Dems or Dem-leaners minus 30,563,805 entitlement-dependent is 76,282,795 wage-earning, tax-paying Democrats.

Basically, if you believe the Republican mantra that all Republicans are wage-earning, tax-payers, you still have to deduct that same Social Security and disability recipients from their 87,221,720. That means 24,054,800 Republicans are entitlement-dependent, leaving them only 63,166,920 wage-earning, tax-paying Republicans and/or Republican leaners.

Of Independents, 6,615,070 are entitlement dependent, leaving them 17,370,903 wage earners, but Independents don’t tend to say all Democrats are welfare-sucking low-lifes.

Now, there are 44.2 million households receiving food stamps and a total of 19 million unemployed or severely underemployed in America. No company asked for political affiliation before laying people off and those receiving food stamps do so because of income, not political affiliation. Those numbers do not factor into this in any way.

So, the statistics suggest that there are 13,115,875 more wage-earning, tax paying Democrats or Democratic-leaning Independents among American eligible voters.

But, let us not forget, when faced with cold, hard statistics, the average right winger will claim that the statistics are just Obama-generated lies. If it doesn’t come from Fox News or out of any mouth on right wing radio, it just can’t be true. The mark of truly successful brainwashing is when the subjects of that brainwashing rejects any information that doesn’t come from their masters.



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