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Three Marines Charged In Marriage Fraud Discharged

Corporals Ashley Vice, Jeremiah Griffin, and Joseph Garner have been discharged from the Marines. The three San Diego Marines were discharged for bad conduct after they pled guilty to stealing from the government through fraud, according to First Lieutenant Maureen Dooley, a spokesman for the Marines. The three along with the girlfriend of Corporal Vice entered into sham marriages in order to get the monthly housing stipend that is available for straight married couples, but not available for those who are not married.

Vice and her girlfriend, Jaime Murphy, married Corporals Jeremiah Griffin and Joseph Garner. The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has not meant that same-sex couples will be getting those benefits due to the Defense of Marriage Act.

The three Marines were assigned to the Third Marine Aircraft Wing at Camp Pendleton. They also face $5000 in fines and Vice will spend three months in confinement.




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