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Ukraine FEMEN activists protested against Dominique Strauss-Kahn

31 October 2011
by Pauline Malmqvist

The rising topless feminist group FEMEN is currently on a EuroTour. Today they were in Paris, at the front door of Strauss-Kahns’ apartment.

Picture by P.Kovaric

Dressed like house-keepers and with their bare breasts the FEMEN activists protested for less than an hour at Strauss Kahns’ apartment. The movement wanted to show their support to the french feminist movements who wants the political isolation of Strauss-Kahn and a objective investigation. They shouted at Strauss-Kahn to “Come down if you are a man!” while holding banners that said “Fuck me in Porshe Cayenne”. As a reference to an other case concerning DSK.

The former managing director of the IMF wasn’t the only target of the protest. They also denounced Berlusconi and Clinton because they “have become symbols of the impunity of high-ranked rapists, an example of the hypocrisy of elite politicians”. In a statement released earlier today they say that “one can use money and knowledge to avoid a sentence , but the shame will never be washed away”. They urge France to “Get out, get undressed and win!”.

Picture by Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters

The protest didn’t last for more than hour. The police intervened to take the identity of the activists.

In their tour in Europe they first went to Switzerland. They also protested on the opening of a stadium in Lviv, Ukraine, for the European Football Cup. Where they denounced the prostitution and the sexual tourism combined with important events. Today they were in France and their next destination is Italy. Where they are planning on going to Milan and the Vatican to protest against The Pope and Berlusconi. They also organized conferences in Italy, still in their fundamental conviction of a“Euro 2012 without Prostitution”.

Their topless protests have made them gain the interest of the medias. The fact that it’s only with bare breasts that they can be famous shows that there still is a long way to go. 



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3 Responses to Ukraine FEMEN activists protested against Dominique Strauss-Kahn

  1. Mercedes Diane Griffin Forbes

    December 11, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    Women taking radical steps in not unheard of. On October 31st, 2009, Code Pink organized a protest rally outside the White House to coincide with President and Mrs. Obama’s official Halloween party. As many of the guests were family members of military members, the Code Pink press release encouraged attendees to dress as “zombie soldiers”. On August 13th, 2011, organizers held their first Slut Walk. As noted in the Washington Post, “In a feminist movement that is often fighting simply to hold ground, Slut Walks stand out as a reminder of feminism’s more grass-roots past and point to what the future could look like.” The women of FEMEN are known for their scandalous tactics, much like the women of Code Pink and the organizers of Slut Walks, but they are the new face of feminism, women who are not afraid to speak their minds or show their bodies. They are women who are willing to break all the rules, all the social convention commonly adhered to in their societies and fight for what they believe is a just cause.

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