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Anti-Gay Groups File Lawsuit To Overturn Marriage Equality In New York

It is quite obvious that opponents of same-sex marriage in New York are pretty much tilting at windmills, but that is not stopping them from filing frivolous lawsuits. Torah Jews For Decency, Liberty Counsel and New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms have come together in order to try and overturn the marriage equality law due to what they believe are violations in timeline regarding public notice, and supposedly because meetings were held that were not open to the public.

Heading up the suit is Liberty Counsel’s Rena Lindevaldsen, the woman who was behind the attempt to pervert the law so that Lisa Miller could prevent her ex-wife Janet Jenkins from seeing their daughter. She is also the author of Only One Mommy, which is the book where she recounts how she helped now known pedophile Linda Wall groom Lisa and Isabella Miller, as well as aid in the kidnapping of Isabella Miller.

quoted this from the gathering of a few dozen supporters of the suit:

“It’s important that God’s people remember that these battles are first and best fought on our knees,” said Rev. Duane Motley, NYCF’s Founder and a plaintiff in the case. Rev. Jason J. McGuire, NYCF’s Executive Director and a plaintiff in the suit, was quoted saying: “There is no question that some politicians, particularly the Governor and many Republican senators, want this issue to go away. They’re growing increasingly nervous as both the 2012 election cycle and the scrutiny of this vote loom larger.”

Which is, of course, rather absurd since no one is shaking in their boots. Recently, the National Organization for Marriage poured tons of money into the defeat of an Iowa senatorial candidate who, after a brief photo op, ran as far as she could from them.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is seeking a rapid dismissal of the suit. The people suing are busy complaining that there were “bribes” paid in the form of donations to the senators who voted for the bill.

You know, like every other politician gets? You know, like the money that Liberty University pours into candidates who vote for their causes. Last we checked, political donations are not illegal.



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