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Religious Lobbying Jumps Fifty-Fold Over Forty Years

“Money, money, money by the pound….”

That is what is going on in Washington these days, and it is not just the money that is coming in to the various businesses and such lining the pockets of the various politicians in DC, but the lobbying arms of various religious groups have increased some fifty-fold since the 1970′s. Currently, there are more than 200 religion-related advocacy groups in DC today.

Even at that, K Street is still dominated by those advocating for corporations.

“Watch the profits come rolling in…”

The uptick in this form of lobbying is related to not just the business of lobbying in Washington, but also an increasing willingness by religious groups to get in there and profit from the government at the expense of their own congregations and the people around them.

According to the Pew study into this subject “Religious advocacy is broadly defined in this study to encompass a wide range of efforts to shape public policy on religion-related issues. But it also includes other efforts to affect public policy, such as activities aimed at the White House and federal agencies, litigation designed to advance policy goals, and education or mobilization of religious constituencies on particular issues.”

Catholic, Protestant and Jewish lobbying groups make up about 58% of the total religious advocacy that is going on in DC. The study found that “Although it may appear that, in strictly numerical terms, certain religious groups are under- or overrepresented in the Washington advocacy community, the absolute number of groups is not a reliable indicator of how well a particular religious tradition is represented in Washington.”

Roughly a quarter of those who are out there do not represent a specific religious tradition.

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