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Criminal Complaint Against James O’Keefe Dismissed

O'Keefebeing ignored at OWS

James Edward O’Keefe III is 27 years old, runs what he calls an investigative journalism organization to expose liberals and lives with his parents. I just had to get that in.

A criminal complaint was filed against O’Keefe, not by one of the hundreds of people he has damaged with his “investigative reports,” but by one of the people he enlisted to assist him in a sting. Boston conservative blogger Nadia Naffe was enlisted by O’Keefe to assist with an operation at Occupy Wall Street. She took the train to Newark, New Jersey on October 2, where O’Keefe picked her up and drove her to his parents house, after stopping for some booze.

At O’Keefe’s home, she got into an argument with O’Keefe and refused to help him at OWS. She demanded that he take her back to the train station, but he insisted that she spend the night in the barn. Naffe threatened to call the police. At this point, her memories are a bit blurred. She says that “I found it hard to move and control my muscles.” Eventually, O’Keefe and a friend drove her to Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan, but she passed out in the car and awoke in the station. Upon her return to Boston, she discovered that her luggage had been rifled and things were missing – underwear and a wireless mouse.

Nadia Naffe

Then, things got nasty. Naffe received a message from O’Keefe offering her money to keep quiet about the incident. When she refused, she started getting harassing messages from O’Keefe and then from others, some sent to mutual friends to be passed on to her. On November 17, O’Keefe posted a video of her on his website, calling her “filthy” and “dirty.” The video portrayed Naffe as “a tramp.” It has been removed from the site. Naffe says that O’Keefe used other people to torment her.

Unfortunately, Naffe cannot prove that all the harassment originated in the county where O’Keefe lives and where she filed the complaint. For that reason, the court in Westwood had no choice but to dismiss the charges. But as he dismissed the criminal charges, Judge Alan Karch did something unusual. He advised Naffe that she could file a civil suit against O’Keefe. What Karch didn’t say, but hopefully Naffe’s lawyer understands, is that the interstate nature of O’Keefe’s “organization” and the fact that the harassment took place across state lines, puts the potential civil suit into Federal jurisdiction.

O’Keefe became famous because of his staged and edited visits to ACORN offices posing as a pimp with his whore in tow. O’Keefe used these videos to “prove” that ACORN was corrupt and force the organization to be defunded and taken apart. O’Keefe is currently being sued by at least one of the people his little stunt destroyed – a man who listened very attentively to O’Keefe’s spiel about bringing in illegal girls to work at prostitutes, and after O’Keefe left, notified the police. The interview was featured on O’Keefe’s video, but not the aftermath. The aftermath never does – the official notifications to authorities about fake terrorists seeking Medicaid or pimps looking for homes for illegal girls.

His latest attacks involve Occupy Wall Street, where he was spotted and laughed at by the protesters and what is allegedly a video of teacher’s union members in New Jersey posted a year ago bragging about fixed elections. The union disavows the people in the video while Governor Chris Christie praises it as proof of the insidious intentions of teachers’ unions.

O’Keefe is on probation for a conviction arising from his attempts to place listening devices in the telephone system of Senator Mary Landrieu of Lousiana.

Naffe refused to speak with the press after the hearing, and dragged her lawyer away from reporters. A civil suit is devouted to be wished at this point. Everyone who has been harmed by this man should sue. His “exposés” are intentionally deceptive, lacking anything that resembles basic journalistic balance and ethics. He’s not a journalist, he’s a propagandist who is used by Fox News and others to create “moral outrage” over some liberal organization and put an end to it. The only defense against someone like him is the full force of the legal system.








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One Response to Criminal Complaint Against James O’Keefe Dismissed

  1. Divatude

    January 16, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    Conservative blogger Nadia Naffe experinced(gasp) harassment from O’Creep and his henchmen after she refused to be a part of his latest shenanigans?

    Like my grandmother used to say, “A hard head makes a soft behind.” My sympathies for her are quite challenging. I wonder how she likes walking the shoes of those who have fallen victim to this degenerate?