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Denver Broncos Not Joining It Gets Better Project

There is an old adage that goes along the lines of ‘talk is cheap, actions are expensive.’ Thus, it is not surprising that the Denver Broncos will not be participating in the It Gets Better Project, at least for the foreseeable future.

The Huffington Post reported that Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth “gave no indication that the team would be participating anytime soon.” He stated that “The Denver Broncos are committed to tolerance, acceptance and respect for all in the community. The National Football League is currently working with USA Network on its ’Characters Unite’ campaign combating prejudice and intolerance, and our organization is in full support of that movement to help raise awareness for this very important cause.”

Smyth did not comment specifically about the It Gets Better Project.

Andy Szekeres created a petition that garnered 8000 signatures trying to get the Broncos to become the first NFL team to make one of the videos. Several teams from other games have. Szekeres stated that “I commend the Broncos and all of the NFL for their work on a Characters Unite program to stand up against prejudice and intolerance but that is not enough or the same as standing in support of the It Gets Better Project.” He also said “We may have differences on abortion and gay marriage, but stopping kids from killing themselves is an issue we can all get behind.”

The Broncos are the team of Tim Tebow, who is known to be extremely and conservatively religious.

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