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Ex-Macy’s Employee Files Complaint, Admits Disregarding LGBT Policy

This is what Natalie Johnson looks like, thanks to an interview at KSAT and a screen cap over at Jezebel. Ms Johnson looks rather masculine, does she not? Going on her appearance, it would be easy to just deny her access to women’s changing rooms and restrooms.

Johnson was fired for being a religious tyrant and trying to demand that someone else follow her religious beliefs. Specifically, she harassed a transgender teenager who was dressed as a girl and who was shopping for clothes. She is filing a complaint with the Federal government, but she is going to have a hard time proving that she was discriminated against because of her religious beliefs.

Not helping her case, of course, is the fact that Johnson told KSAT “I’ve made my choice the other day … I refuse to comply with this policy.”

The incident is pretty straight forward. The decidedly clean-shaven and male-looking Johnson stated “I made sure to keep a close eye out on him because he was shopping for women’s clothing.” As reported, the teenager was wearing female clothing. When Johnson saw the young woman heading towards the women’s dressing room, “I had to just straight forward tell him, ‘You’re a man,’ and of course that made him, that really got him steamed.” The teenager’s friends then tried to explain to Johnson that the young woman is, in fact, female, and that Macy’s allows trans people to use the appropriate facilities. Johnson remained adamant, her manager was called in, and she was fired.

Johnson went screaming to Liberty Counsel. These are the same people who defended Lisa Miller in her attempts to keep Janet Jenkins from visiting the daughter that the couple had, and spread unfounded rumors that Jenkins was a child molester all the while harboring a child molester, one Linda Wall, in close association with Lisa and Isabella Miller.

Macy’s will not comment on the filing.

Johnson showing that she has about as much grasp of the Bible as she does about biology went on to claim that Macy’s was violating her Christian beliefs by having all of their employees appreciate the diversity of their customers. Johnson stated “There are no transgenders in the world. A guy can dress up as a woman all he wants, that’s still not going to make you a woman.”

Jezebel notes that:

You may not be familiar with the Biblical passage that says, “Thou shalt only admit women born with female genatalia into the women’s fitting room.” In Deuteronomy 22:5 it does say, “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this,” but if you’re going to strictly adhere to that passage you probably can’t work at Macy’s anyway. A few lines later it says, “Do not wear clothes of wool and linen woven together,” and “Make tassels on the four corners of the cloak you wear.” The entire clothing department is in clear violation of these rules!

It is also forbidden for a woman to go outside the house with her head uncovered, or for women to wear pants. In fact, Johnson, who is wearing pants throughout that entire interview, is violating the very passage of the Bible that she claims bars someone from being trans.

Of course, Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel went on the fear mongering run saying “Macy’s has essentially opened women’s dressing rooms to every man.” Which it really has not. Despite claims that trans women are still men, most transphobes ignore the fact that the majority of trans women are attracted to men. They also ignore how insanely difficult it is to peek over a stall door or sneak a peek at a woman in a dressing room. So far, there have been no reported cases of anyone who is transsexual, transgender or claiming to be one of those actually spying on women in those places.

Really, that scenario exists only in the minds of those who are trying to justify their beliefs.

For her part, Johnson violated about a dozen different provisions of the Bible in her interview.

(Oh, and I do mean she looks masculine…I had to do some more digging to find out that was Johnson and not the trans woman she harassed.)

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8 Responses to Ex-Macy’s Employee Files Complaint, Admits Disregarding LGBT Policy

  1. Grrnal

    January 5, 2012 at 12:10 am

    You keep commenting on my/everyone’s lack of knowledge regarding the sexual orientation of trans women… almost as if I ACTUALLY commented on that in ANY way.
    All I said was, from a business standpoint, the policy is flawed.

    In your first response you said “simply put, it does not happen”… Then in the second comment you said “Could it occur, sure”…. My point was that if a business is responsible for the safety of their customers, “could it occur, sure” would be very damning in a lawsuit, believe me.

    I’m still wondering what would the outcome had been if that teen HAD in fact been a male? But I guess since that “wouldn’t happen”, it’s not necessary for you to consider that.

    I will give you this…if she truly believed that she was dealing with a male, and not knowing this person, I see no reason to dispute that… then she should have acted on that REAL safety issue for what she believed it was. The references to her faith were inappropriate at that point.

    But… If it had gone down without the references to Religion, would she have been fired?… Should she have been??

    • Bridgette P. LaVictoire

      January 5, 2012 at 12:22 am

      Actually, the policy is not flawed from a business standpoint. And if Johnson had not mentioned religion- SHE STILL SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED.

      There you go.

      You are using a hypothetical situation to try and make it sound like she had a justifiable reason to do what she did. If the person had been male- as in dressed like a guy- then she should have turned the person away. Anything else is hypothetical. Your entire argument is based on a hypothetical that assumes that a man would dress as a woman in order to assault a random woman in a public place. That is why your entire argument is invalid. You would have to show that such an event of a man dressed as a woman in order to assault a random woman in a public place occurs on a regular basis for your argument to have any validity. End of this conversation.

      Johnson harassed a customer and refused to back down. She was fired for that.

  2. Grrnal

    January 4, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    “It does not happen.” That is such an irresponsible statement that I hesitate to respond to it. Without really trying that hard, I looked at a few other sites where this story was posted and found several responses from people who described the common areas as “not being monitored” or places where “anyone could just walk in”.. I also know of plenty of incidents of people being assaulted or in someway violated in a public restroom. So making it easier for an attacker to go into an area such as this seems unwise.. But I guess that’s not the point.

    What if the teen HAD in fact been a male? Then would it have been considered “harassment” as you referred to it as? I work with the public for more hours a week than I care to think about, and assuming that anything “just doesn’t happen” is a mistake. Everything happens. Everything. Because that’s what the business is accountable for. From a liability standpoint, the policy is poorly conceived and hard to enforce.

    As far as the clerks beliefs, I was simply responding to the claim in the article that Macy’s has a policy regarding the protection of an employees religious beliefs.. If that is true, then it is NOT her responsibilty to voice any concerns. It is the employers responsibilty to abide by their own policies.

    Amazingly, it sounds like Macy’s, for all it’s time in existence and all it’s success, is being run by a bunch of dumb asses.

    • Bridgette P. LaVictoire

      January 4, 2012 at 11:49 pm


      Ms Johnson ignored her job. She is there to monitor that area, correct. Instead, she used her religious beliefs to harass someone she does not like because she has a prejudice against trans people. The policy about religious harassment protects her from being harassed by others because of her religion or being harassed with someone else’s religious beliefs. They do not protect her if she wants to harass someone else with her religious beliefs.

      I stated that “in the last decade”, that is, from what I have been able to find as reported in newspapers and other sources, I have not been able to find these incidents. Could it occur, sure. Handing me hearsay does not make it work that way. So far, not a single incident of a man dressed as a woman to gain access to the restrooms or changing rooms where women are has occurred that I can find. Please try noticing the absolute run of what I say and not that men who want to do that are going to do that.

      The policy is easily enforced so long as, well, you do not have someone who is lax or bigoted. Johnson is a bigot. She should have voiced her concerns regarding the LGBT policy when she was hired. She did not. She got fired because she refused to do her job.

      You really have no understanding of what it means to be trans, do you? Or how many trans women are straight. That is correct- most trans women are sexually attracted to men.

      On the other hand, there are incidents of women on women rape…so why not clamor that women not be allowed near the women’s changing rooms?

  3. Grrnal

    January 4, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    Your bias is showing. Allow me to avert my eyes while you attempt to cover it up. Ridiculously vindictive attacks on someone’s beliefs because they don’t
    share yours… Nice.

    “really that’s only a scenerio that exists in the minds of people trying to justify their beliefs”–So a predator ISN’T capable of using this policy to violate the privacy an innocent people… or worse, assault someone? It’s impossible? Really?
    At least admit that the policy is SEVERLY FLAWED, regardless of one’s personal opinions.. Meet me half way on that one, yes?

    As far as this woman’s beliefs, if the manager was called to the scene, and he/she presumably had MORE authority than the clerk, and the store DOES have a policy protecting one’s religious beliefs, …. couldn’t he/she simply have allowed the teen to enter the dressing room? Why did the clerk have to be fired?

    Seems like the priority was punishing the clerk for her religious beliefs, rather than simply resolving the situation. Just an opinion…

    ….let the bashing begin….

    • Bridgette P. LaVictoire

      January 4, 2012 at 10:15 pm


      In the last decade not a single incident of a predator using the bathrooms or changing rooms has ever been recorded, reported, or occurred. Simply put, it does not happen. It only occurs in those who want to attack trans people. The spaces that you are talking about are so public that it is almost impossible to commit the kinds of crimes that you are talking about unless you happen to own the spaces and can, at your leisure, install things like cameras. In fact, the only cases I know of that have had that happen have been when people have that luxury. So, no, I am not meeting you half way on this. It does not happen.

      As for Johnson’s beliefs, like it or not, she violated the company’s policy by harassing a customer. Johnson should have raised her concerns regarding this issue when she signed the form stating that she had read the policies of the story. She harassed a customer, she was fired. She was not punished for her religious beliefs, but because she harassed a customer with her religious beliefs.

      I do not care if she does not share my beliefs. All I care is that she never harass someone with her beliefs and then try to claim that it is alright for her to do so because she has those beliefs. I have many a belief, but I do not demand that you follow them.

  4. Jay McHue

    December 29, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    “Ms Johnson looks rather masculine, does she not? Going on her appearance, it would be easy to just deny her access to women’s changing rooms and restrooms.”

    Wow. You’re a real ass, aren’t you?

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