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Maggie Gallagher Founds New Group, Ignores Reality

Maggie Gallagher appears to have had a bit of a problem when it comes to her old buddies over at the National Organization for Marriage. Simply, she seems to have been ousted from the organization. She has, though, gone on to found the Culture War Victory Fund, which is pretty much going to ensure that she does not have to work hard or work at much of anything other than being a spiteful and hateful person for the foreseeable future.

Gallagher said in her self-congratulatory letter that “Can we achieve victory in America’s ‘culture wars’? Can we stand–succesfully–for life, for marriage, and for religious liberty? I think so.”

Of course, right now, many Americans could give a rat’s arse about the culture war, and want people to stop attacking others. Of course, Maggie, as always, seems to ignore quite a lot of data in her pursuit of her perfect Procrustean-Theocratic society. To start with, her religious liberty is not at issue. No one is telling her that she cannot believe what she wants to believe. They are just saying that her religion cannot be superior to anyone else’s religion.

She went on to say:

I’m Maggie Gallagher, and I’ve helped win a few impossible victories in my time.

In the 90s I participated in a great national debate over family structure: are rising rates of fatherlessness and family fragmentation a good thing, as progressive elites then so self-righteously proclaimed?

Or do children long for the love of their mother and father united in marriage?

Really? And what ‘impossible’ victories would those be? What is more, children do not need a mother and a father. All of the data that has been gathered and presented about the issue of opposite-sex couples raising children versus same-sex couples raising children have shown that. What children need is not a mother and a father, but rather two parents. What hurts children is not same-sex marriage, but divorce or single parentage, and yet, Gallagher and company have never said that they want to make divorce illegal because they know that even their own supporters will go after them on that faster than they can blink.

In order to show off how ‘impossible’ her victories have been, she brings up Prop 8. While that was a narrow victory, it is not all that hard to get a proposition on the ballot in California, nor is it all that hard to buy a lot of propaganda. She quotes some anonymous Conservatives who supposedly tried to dissuade her, but really, it was not a difficult victory.

What she goes on to say is that she learned a lesson from that ‘impossible victory’:

I learned an important lesson from that great victory and I want to share it with you: Despair is the most powerful weapon our opponents have. And despair is a self-inflicted weapon one they can have only if we voluntarily hand over to them.

She never notes that there were millions who voted No on Prop 8. She never notes that the victories keep getting closer and closer and that a loss is going to happen in some state sometime in the near future. She never notes that the tide is turning on the issue of same-sex marriage and that many Americans are now supporting it.

What Maggie and her ilk forget is that they have continued to use and make ridiculous arguments with regards to the effects that same-sex marriage will have on children or the nation, and that is hurting her more than anything else out there.

Prop8Tracker has the full letter.



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