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Mexican Resorts Gearing Up For Legal Same-Sex Marriages

Cancun and other resorts on the Mexican Caribbean are starting to realize the joys of lesbian and gay tourism, and now they want couples from the United States, Canada and Europe to come there to legalize their unions. The reason that it is possible for lesbians and gays to get married in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo is that the local laws state that marriage is between people who are interested in getting married. Simply put, the local laws do not specify a gender when it comes to marriage.

According to the spokesperson for Colectivo Diversidad “This market niche … is very attractive for European, Canadian and American (homosexual) couples.” Activist Patricia Novelo stated that this upcoming January, the first same-sex group wedding will be held in the resort area. Eight of the couples that have confirmed their desire to marry are from Mexico.

Still, more couples are expected, and Colectivo Diversidad, Fusion G, Gaytoursmexico and the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association are handling the preparations for the marriages. According to Novelo, even before the unions were legally recognized in that state, there was a great demand from travel agencies for these marriages in Cancun and the other resorts.

FOX News noted that:

Novelo said that this “is something very positive. Besides the social part there are many economic benefits because the gay community generates between 45 and 60 percent more income on top of conventional tourism.”



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One Response to Mexican Resorts Gearing Up For Legal Same-Sex Marriages

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