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Small Vermont Business Takes On Chick-Fil-A Over Kale

“Eat More Kale” was what the t-shirts read, but Chick-Fil-A does not want people eating more kale…or for lesbians and gays to have equal rights. Today, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin threw the weight of the state being Bo Muller-Moore in his fight over what Chick-Fil-A claims is a violation of their copyright for the slogan “Eat Mor Chikin”.

It is a case of a Southern giant versus a Northern small business.

Shumlin unveiled a new t-shirt designed to raise funds to help Muller-Moore defend himself from this chicken-based aggression. Shumlin stated that “Team Kale is an effort to raise money for Bo’s defense fund to send a clear message to Chick-fil-A — don’t interfere with Buy Local, don’t interfere with our agricultural renaissance where we are growing local food and selling it locally because more and more Vermonters care.”

Muller-Moore said as well “Everyone I talk to gets it — from my neighbor to the governor, and to have that sort of support in this town, in this state, across the country, is very humbling.”

Muller-Moore is not sure how much the ongoing legal battle will cost, but it is clear that the state is not paying anything in this.

Senator Patrick Leahy, who authored legislation to help assist trademark owners, came out in support of Muller-Moore saying:

“Laws that protect intellectual property rights are crucial to U.S. creativity and to our economy, but it is important to ensure that these strike the appropriate balance so that they are used to promote, and not to stifle, innovative ideas. We have seen in the past how trademark laws can be misused by big corporations with deep pockets to bully small businesses that have limited recourse. As a strong defender of American intellectual property rights, I also want to see these laws used fairly and properly and not simply as a hammer for large firms to wield coercively against small firms or individuals.”




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