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The Parenthood and the Pride Parade: Panic In The Anti-Gay Group

Oh my Gosh! Planned Parenthood and a Gay Pride Parade! What kinds of depravities are our children going to learn! That appears to be at the heart of the panic being felt by Duane Motley and the New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, the group that wants to deny people their constitutional freedoms. Apparently, last year as part of the Seriously Talking About Responsible Sex program through Planned Parenthood, the teenaged peer educators were required to attend Capitol Pride, a gay pride parade.

That is right, in order to learn to be accepting and understanding, these low-payed interns were required to attend a Pride Parade.

The Horror, right?

According to the Greely Gazette:

The Planned Parenthood program, Seriously Talking About Responsible Sex (STARS) employs teenagers as “peer educators.” According to the organization’s website, teens participating in the program “go on camping trip and college tours, attend plays and movies and participate in statewide conferences. They do interviews with the media and speak to many kinds of audiences.” The students also learn about sexual health and responsibility “while having lots of fun.”

The program is paid for with a grant from the state of New York, and it has earned the ire of the anti-freedom group NYFCF. Motley even stated that “These groups support each other’s agendas even though they do not have anything in common with each other. You can go to a “gay” parade and see pro-abortion signs and vice versa. They are networking together to make each other more powerful than they would be separately.”

Motley also wondered about the premise of the program noting that teenagers apparently do not have enough experience to be experts on sex-education. Of course, there are adults for whom the idea of anything other than Missionary Position and the Rhythm Method would be horrifying.

Apparently, Motley is going to try and get Planned Parenthood’s funding yanked by the Democratically dominated New York House of Representatives. Oh, and the Republican dominated State Senate. Somehow, it seems like a fool’s errand.

Still, at least the Greely Gazette asked for something from Planned Parenthood. Blue Carreker, a spokesman for Planned Parenthood Albany, defended this requirement saying

Blue Carreker, a spokesman for Planned Parenthood in Albany, defended the requirement for students to attend the parade.“One of our requirements is for our peer educators to be able to reach out and work with at-risk communities, which includes the lesbian, gay and transgender communities. One of the conditions for our state grant is to educate and reach out to that population. That’s one of the largest opportunities of the year to reach that population.”

Well, that was after they tried to poison the reader against the organization. Really, the grant says that it is a requirement that these kinds of events be attended as part of the outreach.

Talk about yutzes.



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