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Weiner And Abedin Announce Birth Of Son

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin, June 2010

On Wednesday, former Representative Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin became the proud parents of a little boy they have named Jordan Zain Wiener.

Mrs. Weiner is a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and recent photos of Sec. Clinton at various meetings with world leaders had shown the very pregnant Mrs. Weiner in the background. The Weiners had confirmed the pregnancy just before all hell broke loose over Weiner’s addiction to sexting. He resigned from the House in June and the special election for his seat was won by Republican Bob Turner. The district covers portions of the Brooklyn (Kings) and Queens boroughs in New York City.

The Weiners were married in July of 2010, and Jordan is their first child. Like her boss and mentor, Sec. Clinton, Mrs. Weiner has chosen to remain married and work to save her marriage instead of filing for divorce.

Weiner is about to become primary caregiver for Jordan, as Mrs. Weiner continues in her career. And so we offer this important piece of advice for the new father – always lay the new diaper over Jordan before you remove the old one. Otherwise, you might end up discovering how large an arc he can produce. Little boys have an incredible sense of timing for that and a faceful is really disgusting. 




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