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Anti-ACTA protest in France

Anti-ACTA protest in Paris

29 January 2012
by Pauline Malmqvist


On the initiative of Anonymous a hundred of people protested this Saturday in Paris against ACTA. They also asked to protest in 36 other french cities.

ACTA, known as Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is an international treaty that aims at reinforcing the copyright laws. It wants to reinforce the cooperation between all the countries that has signed ACTA. Like SOPA and PIPA, ACTA threatens the liberty of internet and the freedom of expression. This treaty has been secretly negotiated by the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland. Which is the first controversial issue about ACTA: the States hid it away from us during the process of the law which lead us to know nothing about this treaty. 

The agreement expands the copyrights law by criminalizing file-sharing, which firstly was a civil infringement. It will give the right for the governments worldwide that has signed the treaty to allow right holders to seek personal data through ISPs (Internet Service Providers). It will also give copyright holders legal means to pursue people suspected of bypassing copyright protections. It also allows to seize goods at theirs borders if suspected of containing infringing content. 

In order to reinforce the copyright laws ACTA has severe penalties. The judicial authorities have the authority to order the person engaged in infringing activity:
- To pay the right holder damages adequate to compensate for the injury the right holder has suffered as a result of the infringement. (Section 2: Civil Enforcement, Article 9: Damages, paragraph 1 – ACTA)

- For offences specified in paragraphs 1, 2, and 4 of Article 23 (Criminal Offences), each Party shall provide penalties that include imprisonment as well as monetary fines sufficiently high to provide a deterrent to future acts of infringement, consistently with the level of penalties applied for crimes of a corresponding gravity.(ACTA in section 4: Criminal Enforcement, Article 24: Penalties). 

Anti-ACTA protester


In the European Union 22 members has signed the treaty on Thursday 26th January in Tokyo, including France. However, it still must be signed by the European parliament. The hope that the treaty can still be stopped lead to protests from the internet hacker group Anonymous but also non-member of the group. As a matter of fact, a European Parliament official, Kader Arif, resigned and stated: “I want to denounce in the strongest possible manner the entire process that led to the signature of this agreement: no inclusion of civil society organizations, a lack of transparency from the start of the negotiations, repeated postponing of the signature of the text without an explanation being ever given, exclusion of the EU Parliament’s demands that were expressed on several occasions in our assembly”.

This was a awakening alarm for some of us, unfortunately to few. Only a couple of hundreds of people gathered in Paris to protest on Saturday 28th. The French medias did not put the spotlight on ACTA, that might explain also why the crowd was not as big as expected. 

Behind the Guy Fawkes masks people yelled “No to ACTA” and “We are legion”. They stated that they want to defend the liberty and rights of each individual.

Protests were particularly strong in Poland, where a thousands of citizens marched together against ACTA. There were also several government officials that showed their disapproval of ACTA by wearing the now very famous mask of Guy Fawkes. 

To show their disapproval of ACTA, Anonymous has launched several attacks against Governmental and entertainment websites, including the FBI and also the french Governments. Until the European parliament has not signed ACTA there is still hope that ACTA will not be enacted. On there is a petition, that they plan on taking to the European parliament so the voice of the citizens may count for something. It did for SOPA and PIPA, why not for ACTA? 

Anti-ACTA troll




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10 Responses to Anti-ACTA protest in France

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    February 24, 2012 at 6:50 am

    Though The Tyrannical PRESSURES
    Be Upon Our SARKOZY–
    He Stalled In SIGNING
    Because He WANTS France-Free!!
    Renaissance!–at the ROOTS of Our Press!
    Where Truth and Liberty are WINGED TO BLESS
    In Liberal Paris!–ACTA We Do Not Kiss!
    For Our ARTS THRIVE By Uncensored Voice!
    Paris SPITS On The ACTA Choice!
    Suppression and Tyranny smash a CITY TO CRUMBS!
    Opposing The RAPE Of ACTA-Owned Diseased-Seed!!
    That In The Name of: “Intellectual-Property”
    DEATH DOTH BREED!–And Hide its Crimes!
    By The GRAVEST Mis-Use of Our: Legal-Chimes!
    ACTA May Have Slimed Its Way THROUGH Phase #1
    But–By PHASE TWO!!–EYE Call It Done!
    For By PHASE-THREE!!!–We Refuse To BE!
    DNA-Objects under Mutant-Clone!!–Tyranny!
    Where By The Pseudo-Act of ACTA Monsanto Rapes!
    And Covers The MOUTHS Of His Victims With TAPES!
    And “Intellectual-Property” is his COW!
    While–JUSTICE-WITHDRAWERS–say Down with his DOW!
    Though The Tyrants “Intellectual-Property” of WATER
    Turns Innocent Americans into Agent-Oranges SLAUGHTER
    And By The “Intellectual-Property” of THE PSEUDO SEED
    This In-House Corp-Tyranny DARES TO BREED
    And Stuff Shut–DEMOCRACY–Choking Amendments under SEA!
    An IN House Broom!–Is My Witches PLEA!
    Get You Laws OFF My Intellectual-Ovary!!
    “Intellectual” “Depopulation”
    THE Neo-DNA Sensation!–Where a GENE Is Property!
    And What Are YOU!–What Am EYE!–What Are WE!
    But A PILE OF GENES Under ACTA-Tyranny!!
    In The NAME Of My Double X Chromosome!
    We Tell ACTA To Whimper Sulk HOME!



    February 14, 2012 at 2:53 pm


    And Now My BELOVED EARTH Here Is MY Word Gift To ALL OF YOU…For FREELY I Have Received….So Freely EYE Give…I’m Just: A FIRST AMENDMENT GIRL LIKE THAT….

    (Eating Ice-Cream with Clove, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cinnamon)


    By The POWER OF CLOVE Given To US By GODDESS May PROTECTION From The Venom Of ACTA Be Upon ALL MY ARTISTS For You Govern Yourselves!–By The POWER OF CINNAMON Success To All MY ANTI-Acta ACTIVISTS….By The POWER OF VANILLA…Enhanced FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IN LIBERTY, JUSTICE AND TRUTH!!!!–And In The Name Of NUTMEG Good-Luck!!–To You ALL Who OPPOSE And TREAD DOWN This Tyranny!–For At ITS Roots Is The Most VILE, INHUMANE, TOXIC “need-to-rush”…..For As “COBAL CLONE FACTOR” and Many MANY Maaaannnny More Like It Are BUSTED!–ACTA Is EXPOSED Of Its Grotesque AGENDA To Patent BREATH!–And Already SO Much Illegal Abuse TO HUMAN CLONES Unlawfully Secretly Called: “INTELLECTUAL-PROPERTY” !!!!! And This Vile ACTA Would Make It LAWFUL In The Most Unlawful Sense!–to commit GRAVE Brutal Acts Against This so-called:: “Intellectual-Property”….For According To The FATHER INITIATOR AND FUNDER AND VISIONARY “MESSIAH” OF THIS MOVEMENT Of Depopulation to Humans–While EXPLOITATION of (Soul-Less according to Rael) HUMAN-CLONES….ACTA Is The Green Flag Of Liberty For Tyrants To VIOLATE BREATH!–and The Rush To Sign Is On!–As Raelian Inspired UNDERGROUND SLAVE-CLONE-INDUSTRIES Are Exposed…..Check This Out: “Robotic Human Clones Mingle with People in Glimpse of Future” Courtesy of Enlightener Brian Merchant @ theUTOPIANIST…..Can you tell the difference between: WOMB-BORN?!–and–LAB-BORN?!–because if NOT–ACTA May As Well ENSLAVE Us Both!–But Now That You SEE This Poisonous LIE Of A Serpent….Let Us Cast Down The Word-Serpent called TRUTH!–for Truth swallows LIES….



    At Its GROSS ROOTS Trace Back!–Corporation To Corporation….Let The VISIONARY!–Whose Grotesque Mind Came OUT With This “IDEA” Of ACTA Come Forward And Share Your NAME!–So That CREDIT Might Be Bestowed!–Not Upon The PUSHERS OF ACTA (who have been recruited) but May “credit” go to their source….the: “inventor” of such Trickery!….Who Has WASHED His Hands Of ACTA So That He Is Not BLAMED For Its Corruption…JUST As He “washed” his Hands of “Clonaid” AND Companies….Just–so he could stay UNTOUCHABLE from The Stigma!–But I Believe!–CREDIT Should Be Given Where Credit Is Due!–INVENTOR OF THE CONCEPT OF ACTA DO STEP FORWARD AND REVEAL YOUR FULL-AGENDA….Just As He VANISHED From Canada….AFTER Illegally Playing “Sex-Ed” Government on CHILDREN In Schools….After Which CHILD-RAPES Were Reported In Surrounding Areas..So RAEL ran as he does best–I Declare To KNOW Just How YOUNG Are Some Of These HUMAN-CLONES And What Are The BODIES Of This: “INTELLECTUAL-PROPERTY” Being Used For!!!-

  4. Black March Boycott 2012

    February 12, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Black March Boycott protest ACTA, do NOT buy Movies, Music or Video Games for the month of March. Get the attention the entertainment industry by having them watch their profit margin drop.

    google Black March, Operation Black March, Black March Protest and Black March Boycott. starts 3-1-2012 spread the word……

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