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Holy Name Cathedral Protest Set For 12 February

On 12 February, a demonstration is set to occur at Holy Name Cathedral, and it has the support of several high profile LGBT groups in the Chicago area. The Rainbow Sash Movement has endorsed the protest and issued this statement explaining their involvement:

The Gay Liberation Network, Dignity Chicago, the Chicago Rainbow Sash Movement have endorsed the Holy Name Cathedral demonstration. Supporting this demonstration Equality Illinois has agreed to publicize the information on the demonstration on their social media channels.

The Catholic Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Community is of one voice in support of this demonstration. We call on other progressive Catholic non gay organizations to stand with us outside of Holy Name Cathedral. We also extend an invitation to the Ecumenical Community and other GLBT organizations to join us on Sunday, February 12, @ 10:30AM in front of Holy Name Cathedral.

Cardinal George, for example, has opposed every advance for LGBT rights in Chicago, in Cook County, and across the state – largely without success. Unfortunately, he has had more luck helping our enemies win victories in California and Maine, where anti-gay bigotry defeated marriage equality, at least for the short term.

George attempted to kill LGBT inclusion as a “protected class” in the Illinois Human Rights Act, which now protects us from housing and employment discrimination. He also opposed similar Cook County protections and the county’s domestic partnership registry. George and other Catholic bishops circulated petitions in a failed effort to force an advisory referendum on “gay marriage.” He vigorously opposed the Illinois Civil Unions Act, which is now law. George has blessed the Illinois Catholic Conference’s effort to kill the passage of full-fledged same-sex civil marriage rights in the state. As head of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, he directed and spent big money backing the anti-gay referendums Proposition 8 in California and Question 1 in Maine,

Polls show that a majority of Catholics in the pews back LGBT rights. It is the hierarchy of the church that is out of step with the membership for which they falsely claim to speak.



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