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Lohan In Talks To Play Taylor

Lindsey Lohan in court

There are times when one can seriously suspect that a performer’s agent plants a story just to follow the reaction in the press and public. This is one of them. Allegedly, according to “an individual familiar with the negotiations” that Lindsey Lohan is in early talks about starring in a Lifetime TV movie about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

And if the story’s response from commenters on-line is any indication, Lohan’s agent should start looking for small roles for her. For a couple of years now, the public response to Lohan’s legal dramas has been “Throw her ass in jail. It saved Robert Downey’s life.” Now, the take-away from the outrage over her playing Taylor comes down to “Do a Winona Ryder.” Ryder came out of her legal problems with a couple of

Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra" -- when she met Richard Burton

uncredited parts, a string of minor supporting roles, larger supporting roles and finally is co-starring again. It’s taken seven years, and no one ever publicly referred to Ryder as a skank. Rebuilding a career is not an overnight thing. Even Robert Downey, Jr., had to slowly rebuild his career after being in jail and has only broken out into major hits in the past four years.

Lohan sank too low for her to be in consideration for any starring role at anything. She now has to do what she didn’t do in her first career arc – prove herself. Going from child actress to teen star is not proving any real acting ability. She’s an adult now. Being a former teen celebrity doesn’t carry films. An incredibly small percentage of teen actors transition into respected adult careers with taking a break to learn their craft or separate themselves from their teen persona. Roddy McDowall took a few years off to do his transition on the Broadway stage, even though he had access to the same studio system that carried Elizabeth Taylor and Judy Garland into their adult careers.

And now, having been very polite and very nice, it’s time for the big question: Look at these two women. Can you see Lindsey Lohan, who is just 25 as Elizabeth Taylor at 31? That one goes way beyond the “suspension of disbelief” needed for any performance.








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