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Anti-Choice Group Disrespects Reagan’s Memory To Push Doomed Law

President Ronald Reagan

Desperate to get their so-called “Heartbeat Bill” brought up for a vote, and equally desperate to bankrupt Ohio with meaningless and pointless lawsuits, Janet Porter’s Faith 2 Action has decided to put together a couple of amateurish videos to try and put words in the mouths of certain politicians.

While President Barack Obama is alive and can respond to their use of him to try and attack the decision not to bring the bill up for a vote, the ads are most disrespectful of late President Ronald Reagan, who is not alive to defend their use of him in the above video. Right Wing Watch notes that the video shows what they have inserted into the mouth of Reagan as if he would have endorsed it at the Berlin Wall. While Reagan was anti-choice, it is still disrespectful to use his image in an ad and put words in his mouth.

Porter’s group has had a lot of problems with the Senate. Senators not long ago were presented a bunch of teddy bears which had the sound of fetal heartbeats embedded in them. They played if they were squeezed. The bears were manufactured in China, and were almost all returned to the organization because they could not be donated to children in need due to the sound mechanic.

Their second video, which is below, shows Obama as if he were declaring his support to stall the progress of the bill and “expressing his dream for his daughters to have abortions.” Amazingly, while most Liberals are pro-choice in terms of keeping abortion legal, the majority tend to declare that they, themselves, would not want to have an abortion nor to see one of their loved ones have one.

Porter is furious that the bill has stalled. Clergy who have tried to get it through have been pretty soundly rebuked. Many state Senators are worried about how much money it is going to cost the state to litigate a law that even many anti-choice groups like Ohio Right to Life Society have said is unconstitutional. At least one person lobbying against the bill has demanded that a provision be placed in the bill that would make defending it in court the fiscal responsibility of the clergy and groups who are lobbying for it.



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