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Cancer Survivor: Komen Can Kiss My Butt, And The Anti-LGBT Komen VP

Just how bad has been the reaction to the Susan G. Komen bruhaha? Well, Linda decided to take to YouTube to do something radical. . .talk about breast cancer. What is more, she wanted to make sure people had her attention when it came to the issue of breast cancer and the fact it hits people without regards to their colour, sex, gender identity, political affiliation, and so forth.

While Komen has backed down somewhat and said that they will consider grants to Planned Parenthood, they have not made it completely clear that they will actually approve those grants which go towards the screening for breast cancer for many low income women.

Of course, we are finding out more about Susan G. Komen lately, and that includes the fact that their Vice President is Karen Handel. For those unfamiliar with her, she is the former Secretary of State for Georgia and is a Fundamentalist Christian and Republican who has a virulent hatred for LGBT Americans as well as a downright hatred for women who have to have an abortion.

Over at the Daily Kos, they wrote:

Choice excerpts Aravosis dug up from an interview during her ill-fated, Sarah Palin-endorsed run to govern the great state of Georgia:

KH: I’ve been very clear. And you know, as a Christian, marriage is between a man and a woman. I do not think that gay relationships are — they are not what God intended.

Do you and God talk to a lot?

KH: I am against gay adoption.

What is more, ThinkProgress noted that Ari Fleischer, the former spokesman for President George W. Bush, was involved in the strategy by Komen to try and hurt Planned Parenthood. They wrote:

Fleischer’s relationship with Komen and the Planned Parenthood controversy was previously undisclosed. He confirmed to ThinkProgress his recent role in filling a key communication position at Komen. Fleischer stressed, however, another communications firm (Ogilvy PR) was retained by Komen to deal with crisis communications over the last few days and he has not been involved.

This entire situation is likely to leave a lot of bruised egos and other issues. It is unlikely to die down any time soon, and Komen has now managed to piss off just about everyone who has supported them along the line.



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