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One Dead In Ohio School Shooting

News came down at noon today that one student had passed away after being shot by a fellow student in the Chardon High School shooting.  The condition of the rest is not yet known.  The gunman was chased from the school by a large assistant football coach.  Grief councilors have already been brought in to help students and teachers who need them.  Currently, there is no word as to whether or not schools will be closed tomorrow.  The town has 5100 residents.  While the shooter’s name has been released by the students, nothing official has been said to identify him, and his name will not be released by the press as of yet.

The student is still in the custody of the FBI and local law enforcement.  One student was shot while running away.  She was shot in the buttocks, and is in stable condition.  The condition of the other three is, as of yet, unknown.  Gun laws in Ohio have been loosened by Governor John Kasich.  A bill is before the Ohio legislature to legalize the carrying of concealed weapons in places like universities and day cares.



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