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Right Wing Fear Mongering Making Wyoming Nuts

The U.S.S. John C. Stennis, 1,092 ft. long, 252 ft. wide

If you have seen the Brendan Fraser movie Blast From the Past, you have some idea about the paranoia that America lived with during the Cold War, specifically the 1950s through the mid-1960s. By the late 1990s we could laugh about it, or if we were fans of the old Twilight Zone series, we could lament the way fear makes people crazy. Either way, we thought that kind of nonsense was done with. Our Congress refused to authorize the vastly expensive Star Wars missile defense system that Ronald Reagan wanted, so we must have been capable of protecting ourselves without creating a Tholian Web in space.

Well, according to the Wyoming House of Representatives, we were wrong to ever consider ourselves safe. In fact, according to them, our nation is in imminent danger of a complete economic and political collapse. So, they want to build or obtain an aircraft carrier.

The biggest body of water in Wyoming is Yellowstone Lake. They could fit an aircraft carrier in there, between the entrance to the West Thumb and the eastern shore where the width is about 9 miles. It just couldn’t move around much. The supporters of this bill have not said how the state could afford a $6.2 billion boat, aircraft not included. The state’s entire budget is only $4 billion a year. If they ordered a new aircraft carrier, they take 8 years to build, so it would only be $775 million a year for 8 years, just 19% of the state’s budget every year, not accounting for inflation.  And they could not reasonably buy a used one.  There is no way to get a complete aircraft carrier to Yellowstone Lake. 

The House has advanced a bill to set up a task force to study what the state must do to become self-contained and self-protecting in the event of our national government collapsing. The task force would study food storage options, metal-based currencies, implementation of a draft, creation of a standing army, and the acquisition of military hardware. The bill was sponsored by Rep. David Miller and amended by Rep. Kermit Brown, both Republicans.

Okay, there’s about two hours worth of material for Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert in this report, so let’s just focus on the un-snarky.

This is the fault of the Republican Party, pure and simple. They insist on portraying Democrats as enemies of America, not-so-closeted communists. They claim that President Obama is a Maoist, a Marxist, a man dedicated to stealing from the rich and redistributing their wealth. They play up fear of Mexican illegals all out of proportion with the actual presence of illegals in America. They have done a one-eighty from George W. Bush’s policy of not blaming all Muslims for 9-11 to encouraging hate and fear of all Muslims and persecution of American Muslims. They have pushed all the fear buttons that were pushed during the Great Depression and invented a few more for good measure. They want to turn America back to God because only He can save us. They are blaming liberated women and gays for the crisis in America, a crisis of morality that can only be solved by pushing women back to the home and gays back into the closet.

It is disgusting, appalling, stupid and irresponsible. God knows what the Republican Party was thinking when they started this new version of McCarthyism. Some of us were outraged a decade ago that Ann Coulter wrote newspaper columns praising Sen. Joe McCarthy and pro-American dictator Augusto Pinochet when both did such incredible damage to their countries. It wasn’t enough of a response. We had no idea back then that the whole propaganda machine would eventually lead to a state deciding it needs to prepare for the apocalypse.

And the propaganda has been so successful that any attempt to infuse the debate with facts is met with name-calling and accusations of being brainwashed by the liberal media. The new Goebbels have convinced their viewers and listeners that only they tell the truth, so no one will seek out or listen to anything that is not pure party line. They have used the basic poor educations of their viewers and listeners to twist the meaning of the word “fascist” so that the faithful can’t see that they are willingly embracing a fascist regime.

How did the Republican Party become so fanatical about gaining absolute power that they became willing to destroy the fabric of this nation to attain it?




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