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Stephen Colbert’s Mother Seriously Ill According To Reports

Colbert by David Shankbone

Last night, those of us tuning into the Colbert Report were faced with a sudden repeat. The Colbert Report had just returned from a week’s break only to suddenly and unexpectedly go on break again. Speculation has been running rampant as to what occurred to cause the show to go back on hiatus, but no reason has been given. The Daily Show has had a few brushes with sudden hiatuses such as when a staff member suddenly died or when Stewart’s second child was born.

Sources close to the show, however, have stated that Colbert’s mother is seriously ill. Colbert is the youngest of eleven children.

Colbert’s sudden departure may last for some time. The show will resume taping as soon as Stephen is able to. His mother is 91 years old. His mother is the last of his parents alive. In 1974, an airplane accident killed his father, James, and his brothers Peter and Paul. Colbert was ten at the time.

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