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What Is Raising Gas Prices?

Gas prices, Cumberland Farms store, Lewiston, Maine (date unknown)

There are the official explanations, involving speculators and concerns about the Middle East, but there is a far simpler explanation for why our gas prices are going through the roof while our oil refineries are working at capacity — the oil companies want us to vote Republican.

The President and the Democrats have made it clear that the United States can no longer afford to give more to the oil companies in tax breaks and subsidies than we collect from them in leases, royalties and taxes.  The situation is so lopsided, we give them money instead of getting anything from them.  And too many Americans are suffering from the lack of revenues to our Federal Treasury and the promises of cuts to social programs.  We are mad as hell and we don’t want to take it anymore.

The international oil companies know that we want them to contribute to our economy in the same way that the mom-and-pop restaurant downtown contributes.  They know that the 99% want a fair tax structure that stops pandering to them, giving them profits that just keep setting new records.  And they know that the Republicans will protect them.

All the analysts have said that $5 a gallon gas will destroy President Obama’s chances of being re-elected.  They know how little Americans understand the oil industry, not even knowing that drilling more in America won’t help our country because our country doesn’t own the oil.  What better way for them to protect themselves than to keep hiking gas prices until we all turn against our President.  They are undermining our political process for their benefit and the Republicans will play with them to achieve the one-party system they want.   



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One Response to What Is Raising Gas Prices?

  1. Earl Richards

    February 21, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Google the “Global Oil Scam” by Phil Davis. Purchase electric cars and solar panels.