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Archbishop Of Canterbury Stepping Down The End of 2012

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

A decade after taking over as Archbishop of Canterbury, Doctor Rowan Williams will be stepping down at the end of the year in order to take up a position as master of Magdalene College, Cambridge. As head of the global Anglican Communion, Williams oversaw a tumultuous ten years of fighting over the religious response to the issue of LGBT rights.

Williams always saw himself as a leftist, but as Archbishop, his personal beliefs took second place to the effort to keep the Church cohesive. Like many these days who try to plow a middle row, Williams disappointed the Left by not being more support of gay bishops and the Right was always suspicious of him. Williams stated that “The worst aspects of the job, I think, have been the sense that there are some conflicts that won’t go away, however long you struggle with them, and that not everybody in the Anglican Communion or even in the Church of England is eager to avoid schism or separation. Crisis management is never a favorite activity, I have to admit, but it is not as if that has overshadowed everything. It has certainly been a major nuisance.”

Part of the problem is that there are parts of the Anglican Church which have moved into the 21st Century faster than others. The Anglicans are set to vote on female bishops in the near future.

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