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Florida Teacher Resigns Over Comments About Student’s Bust

Joan Bannister has resigned after she made a comment about a student’s cleavage in the middle of class. The 53-year-old math teacher made statements that the girl would be out of dress code if she was measured. The girl filed a complaint saying that the teacher wanted to measure her exposed “boobage”. The teacher has denied using the word “boobage”.

Bannister has said that she did not actually touch the student, and did admit to having a conversation with her about the dress code, but admitted that she could have handled the situation better. The Lake County, Florida school district recommended a five-day suspension, but she asked for a hearing. Before the hearing, she tendered her resignation.

District spokesman Chris Patton said that the complaint would still be forwarded to the state Office of Professional Practices and stated “I think it’s an unfortunate incident, and I hope the investigation brings it to a close.”

Via The Orlando Sentinel



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