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FOX Ratings Drop By 3% While Others Rise

And now some news about the news. FOX News saw their ratings drop by 3% for the second straight year. This is not good news for FOX and the Republicans. According to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism’s The State of the Media 2012 report- viewership for all cable news was up 1% in both daytime and primetime.

CNN saw their ratings go up by 16% and MSNBC’s went up by 3%. It should be noted that the rise in CNN ratings had more to do with the fact that they are trusted for outright news more than MSNBC or FOX. Without breaking news like the disasters in Japan and the Arab Spring, CNN would be in third place.

The loss in viewership may be why FOX has been insisting on higher licensing fees from carriers. Those carriers that have FOX have to charge almost eighty cents more a month because of those fees. It makes FOX more profitable even though they have continued to lose viewers.

According to Politics USA:

Even if you never watch Fox News, as long as it is carried by your cable or satellite system, you are still adding to Rupert Murdoch’s fortune. If people really want to stop Fox News, they need to be pushing Congress to pass a la cart legislation that will allow viewers to pick and choose the networks that they want to pay for instead of being forced to subsidize channels that they can’t stand.

FOX News will continue to lose viewers. Their average audience is 65, but younger people are not replacing the older viewers. The internet is also one of the biggest problems as cable/satellite customers cancel their service in the next five years. A lot of people are realizing that they can get their shows on the internet for less than they pay for cable. That said, as paywalls and other fees continue, the Credit Suisse’s findings of 25% of subscribers who plan to cancel their cable or satellite may not pan out. Still, any cancellations might hurt FOX more than the other two.

Part of the big problem for FOX is also that being hard right is no longer paying off as well as it use to, and Roger Ailes is trying to change directions to the middle, but their core audience is still far right.

Politics USA also notes that:

There are only 1.9 million daily Fox News viewers, but Fox News is available in 102 million homes. This means that 100 million American households are subsidizing the right wing hate of Fox News. If the American people ever wake up and realize that they are paying for a network that many of them disagree with, and demand to be given the ability to financially support only the channels that they watch, the future of Fox News will be in doubt.



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2 Responses to FOX Ratings Drop By 3% While Others Rise

  1. Raz

    March 21, 2012 at 11:10 am

    Hello Miss Bridgette,

    Good morning, read your post and found it very interesting and rather well written. Nice to see, some blogs are painful and take all the fun of reading them.

    Okay down to business:

    Losing three percent of their viewership is definately not a good thing for Fox. But even with this loss and the other news agencys gaining viewers, Fox still has the top 10 cable shows. They must be doing something that gets people to watch them that the other cable news agencys are not.

    And what is wrong with being over 65? Considering people are living longer, a good 30 years more, this is a rather large group and to ignore them is not a great idea. Fox recognizes this group and is rewarded for it.

    Do I watch Fox? Yes I do. Mostly in the morning when I would like hard news and not fluff. Does O’Reilly make me cring…yes, but then again so does Nancy Grace and Racheal Madow. Who (Ms Madow) I still think would make a great guest on Hannity.

    • adamas

      March 21, 2012 at 1:42 pm

      Who doesn’t cringe from Nancy Grace? She may be a very fine reporter, but her voice hurts my ears.