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Gingrich Scaling Back Campaign

One Last Time: Newt Gingrich, by Donkey Hotey, Creative Commons

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni this week has come up with the ideal way to treat Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich – ignore him.

Bruni makes it clear that Newt is so far out of the running that it’s a waste of his supporters’ money for him to keep running. Somewhere in Georgia, second wife Marianne is having a giggle-fest. After all, didn’t Newt justify his affair with Callista by saying “Callista will take me to the White House”? Newt is polling lower than Ron Paul, and everyone agrees that Rep. Paul’s campaign is just playing to the same fringe devotees that have supported him in every other campaign he has been in. Paul uses campaigns to get his ideas out, not to seriously become president.

Today’s big news from the Gingrich campaign is how many people he just fired. The estimate is one-third of this staff has been let go. Beyond that, all the news from Newt has been his rants about something President Obama has said or done, his endless outrage and instances of being “appalled” by our President, his extreme warnings of what will happen if President Obama remains in office, you know, cats and dogs living together, streets running with the blood of upstanding, moral, faithful husbands…..

I know that the delightful Barney Frank said he never thought he had lived a good enough life to see Newt running for President, but isn’t Rick Santorum even better proof of a good life? No one ever invented a definition for “Gingrich” to protest his homophobia.

So, this is it. Last report on Newt. I agree with Mr. Bruni. The best thing the media can do is stop feeding Newt’s bottomless ego. Then, without the nourishment he craves more than a new wife, Newt will go away. Please, go away.




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One Response to Gingrich Scaling Back Campaign

  1. adamas

    March 29, 2012 at 1:28 am

    If a business of more than a dozen people fires 1/3 of it’s employees, it’s a good bet it’ll close it’s doors before the year is out.