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High School Principal Resigns In Wake Of Bradlee Dean Debacle

Mike Cooper oversaw the 7 through 12 grades at the school in Dunkerton, Iowa, and now, he has resigned. The reason for his resignation came from the green lighting of Bradlee Dean’s Christian rock band. Not only did Dean show up and sing, but he added to the entertainment by showing students images of fetuses and spread his anti-woman and anti-gay message.

Dunkerton Superintendent Jim Stanton informed the Waterloo-Ceder Falls Courier about the resignation. Cooper will remain on the job until the end of the school year. Cooper has not been willing to issue any statements.

Stanton claims that Cooper’s decision is not related to the decision to invite the anti-gay/anti-woman band Junkyard Prophets to play at the school, and noted that the plan for him to resign had been in the world for over a month. Stanton stated “He simply wants to be a superintendent.” It should be noted that this is about the normal run of statements that one says while trying not to say that you are being forced out because of the debacle. If it had not been about this debacle, then Cooper’s resignation announcement could have waited until the end of the month or into April.

Several students and parents have stated that they were unsure why the band was invited. The band is associated with the Southern Poverty Law Center classified hate group You Can Run But You Cannot Hide.

Stanton has refused to resign despite the fact that some parents were not happy with proposed changes regarding the invitation of Dean’s band. One Tim Westergreen stated “The kids are suffering over this deal and, Mr. Stanton, you signed the checks. I respectfully ask for your resignation.”

Correction: Bradlee Dean was not at the assembly.

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