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Idaho Senate Votes On Ultrasound Law

Undated protest from Creative Commons

Idaho State Senator Chuck Winder is the man who introduced the bill to force every woman who wants an abortion to undergo a mandatory ultasound. He admits three things – he had no idea what the procedure was, no idea how a woman would pay for it and the whole point was to keep women from having abortions. He did what he was told to do by the anti-abortion forces, crafted yet another bill designed to impose the will of some people upon the lives of other people. He gets an A for honesty and an F for responsible lawmaking.

The Idaho Senate voted 23 to 12 to impose Winder’s ultrasound requirement on women seeking abortions. Five Republicans joined the seven Democrats in opposing the bill.

The existing Idaho law mandated that women seeking abortions be offered an opportunity to view an ultrasound of their embryo or fetus. Winder, who sponsored this bill for Right to Life of Idaho, said that “This bill does take it one step further. I would think the most basic human right we have to protect is the right to life.” His position was supported by Sen. Steve Vick, who said “I am pleased to do whatever I can to protect innocent human life. I support his legislation because I believe it gives the unborn one more chance to make the case that they should live. That, to me, overrides the other concerns I might have about this bill.” The basis of the bill is the idea that if a woman “sees” her unborn child and hears its heartbeat, she will change her mind about aborting it.

The bill is based on a ridiculous idea that women wait until after the first trimester to seek abortions, when an ultrasound will show something that resembles a baby instead of a kidney bean and when a heartbeat can be detected. It also assumes that women are too damned stupid to understand what they are doing and to have weighed all the options. Anti-abortion fanatics insist that abortions are decided by women in the throes of great emotions and incapable of rational thought. Frankly, the most usual emotion is desperation, followed by regret and sorrow. Increasingly, as more states put up more ludicrous barriers to abortion, the prevailing emotions are frustration and fury, as so beautifully expressed in Doonesbury.

The bill requires that the ultrasound be performed at the abortion clinic, where the standard fee is $200. The bill also instructs the Department of Health to maintain a list of sites where a woman could get a free ultrasound, but those sites are the anti-abortion clinics whose purpose is to prevent a woman getting an abortion, a fact that Sen. Winder applauds. She will still have to go back and get the $200 ultrasound because if the abortion clinic uses the ultrasound from the other site, they would be breaking the law. Classic Catch-22 lunacy.

The additional cost, either intentionally or unintentionally, means that women will have to get more money together to pay for the procedure, and that means a delay in getting the abortion. The longer the delay, the greater the chance that the pregnancy will pass the point where the ultrasound and heartbeat will impact the woman’s decision. It also increases the cost of the abortion itself by forcing a more complicated procedure. More Catch-22.

If any of these sons-of-bitches and, frankly, fanatical bitches, really wanted to prevent abortions, they would be passing laws mandating factual sex education and free birth control. Then they would set up free medical care for all those pregnant women and for their babies, and guarantee a lifetime of welfare for that child. This is not about saving unborn babies, but about imposing a religious standard just as restrictive as those imposed in countries with strict Sharia law – girls should be virgins until married, if raped they should marry their rapists, all sex should be for procreation, girls should be uneducated and trained only to keep a man’s home and raise his children and keep herself subject to him. They believe that if they don’t allow sex education, preach abstinence in our schools, deny birth control to everyone and deny abortions, all the things they oppose will cease to exist, from pre-marital sex to welfare to abortions. It’s a giant crock of shit. All these things have existed since the beginning of humanity and exist no matter how restrictive the laws are. With abortion totally illegal in Argentina, they manage to abort three times as many pregnancies per capita than we do.

So, when will we finally admit what this is all about and fight for our right to not have religious laws imposed on our secular nation, when they finally pass the one that allows the beheading of any girl who wears a too-short skirt and flirts?




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3 Responses to Idaho Senate Votes On Ultrasound Law

  1. Carol

    March 21, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Another dramatic example of the Mormon church’s influence on Idaho. Does any other state besides Utah have a religious organization that exudes such complete control over their legislative process? Unfortunately, unlike when this garbage happened in 1990, this time we don’t have Cecil Andrus to veto it and Butch Otter has no problem signing on for stupidity. (Check out his DUI conviction and his defense…He had been chewing whiskey soaked tobacco) So, in a state that ranks in the bottom ten for education spending, we focus our legislative session on Chuck Winder’s desire to have his name in the paper. His statement that married women who are raped should consider keeping the baby “in case it’s from the marriage” is ludicrous. Additionally, how many ultrasound techs are going to want to take this job. What kind of psychological tests will they be required to pass? Oh wait! It’s Idaho and we spend nothing on education. Do you have any idea how many questions these folks will be asked and that they are NOT allowed to answer? It’s not doctors who do ultrasounds, it’s technicians. Techs that will no doubt be ordered to say nothing and show no bias…depending on whether they work for the pro-life clinic or the pro-choice clinic. Abortion is a very sad thing, no doubt, but education is the answer, not forced medical procedures.

  2. Sue

    March 20, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Idaho has become an embarrassment in a nation gone delusional with legislators who have taken on the mantle of their god by giving up thinking. Smart people would never consider a bill like this. Leave it to Idaho. Don’t these men have wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers? Do they have no idea where this is headed? How shortsighted of them. I can only hope that for every one of these men there are seven women who will find the courage to step up and vote these men out before they take away women’s right to vote and go to school.

  3. Alyson

    March 20, 2012 at 1:59 am

    This mandate infuriates me. As a woman living in Idaho, I am disappointed and unfortunately not surprised that this was passed in the senate. It is completely unnecessary and intrusive. And I agree, it assumes that a woman who has decided to have an abortion, is frantic, emotional, and incapable of making the decision to have an abortion. I find it ironic that the legislators want to protect the unborn life, but as soon as that baby is born, especially to someone who may not have insurance or a living wage, then they put all these stipulations for receiving welfare, and basically shame them for needing welfare. I don’t understand their thinking, and I never will. My pregnancy and my body are mine and I deserve the right to do what I choose regarding that.