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Idaho St. Senator Winder Doesn’t Actually Apologize For Rape Comment

Idaho State Senator Chuck Winder is pretty much a horrible person. Winder recently suggested that women might lie to receive abortions, but now he has decided to apologize claiming that he “never meant to question victim’s truthfulness.” Of course, that is what he was doing. Apparently, he also doesn’t know when to quit since he then stated that women should get a test to see if they were raped and that’s how they got pregnant.

Winder stated
“I used a married woman, the idea being that as a woman or a couple, whether they be married or unmarried at the time, would want to find out if the pregnancy occurred as the product of the rape, or whether the pregnancy was unknown at the time. There was never any intention on my part to question the honesty of a woman in cases of rape.”

Maybe Winder is thinking of the rape kits that CSU’s use in order to collect DNA, and the bruising that can happen during a rape. Winder doesn’t really care about that, though. All he wants is to make absolutely certain that women can’t have an abortion because he wants to ensure that we go back to the era when women had no rights whatsoever.



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