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JetBlue Pilot Flips Out On Flight To Vegas

According to Gabriel Schonzeit of New York City, the pilot of a JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas went to the bathroom and then emerged “shouting, ‘Iraq, al-Qaeda, terrorism, we’re all going down.’ It seemed like he went crazy.” The pilot was subdued by somewhere between six and ten passengers who pinned the pilot to the floor. Many of the passengers were heading to Las Vegas for a security convention.

A flight attendant tried to take the pilot to the back of the plane, but he broke free and threatened to blow up the plane claiming that there was a bomb on board. Then the pilot, who was the captain of the flight, tried to break into the locked cockpit.

Flight 191 had 135 passengers onboard. Reports are that the crew may have kicked the pilot out of the cockpit when he became agitated. The pilot, who has not been identified, has been taken to Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo. According to the company “Another Captain, traveling off duty on Flight 191, entered the flight deck prior to landing at Amarillo, and took over the duties of the ill crewmember once on the ground. The aircraft arrived Amarillo at 10:11 a.m., and the crewmember was removed from the aircraft and taken to a local medical facility. ”



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