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McDonnell Signs Ultrasound Abortion Mandate

Governor Bob McDonnell, by Gage Skidmore

Governor Bob McDonnell did exactly what he had intended and signed the mandate requiring women who want to get an abortion to have an ultrasound. The signing comes amid persistent and constant pressure from women’s rights groups and demonstrators to veto the legislation. In the original form, the legislation required that women undergo a transvaginal ultrasound, which is an invasive procedure.

The bill requires an ultrasound, but it could be in any form, and a transabdominal ultrasound does not necessarily see things properly at that age.

According to the Times Dispatch:

Opponents of the bill, hundreds of whom flocked Saturday to a rally that resulted in the arrests of 30 people who refused to leave the Capitol’s steps, argue the latest version requires an unnecessary medical procedure that should be left to discussion between a woman and her doctor.

Often, ultrasounds are performed with a vaginal probe early in a pregnancy for a more accurate determination of the gestational age.

Some in opposition to the legislation have tried to keep heat on McDonnell. They arranged to gather at his precinct Tuesday morning when he was scheduled to vote. McDonnell changed his schedule, pushing up his voting and missing the protest.



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