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Nickelodeon Loses Almost a Third Of Their Viewership

Nickelodeon may be in some trouble, and it is doubtful that this is just because of Spongebob reruns. It has been reported that Disney has surpassed Nickelodeon in ratings for the first time since Nick debuted in 1995. Nick lost 31% of their viewers. Disney’s vviewership also declined, but only by 5%.

Nick came in at number two with 1.54 million viewers while Disney topped them at 1.57 million viewers.

The problem for Nick may be a combination of different factors including a heavy reliance onf Spongebob reruns, lack luster cartoons, and reliance on musical shows that seem to be going nowhere particularly fast.

Some of us would like it if they would bring back reruns of things like You Can’t Do That On Television. Then again, that was fun.

Via HuffPo



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One Response to Nickelodeon Loses Almost a Third Of Their Viewership

  1. adamas

    March 30, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    It’s what basically what happens to any network that relies on one or two things (I’m looking at YOU CBS and FOX!). Eventually people get tired and just say F^(K IT! and find something else.