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Nimoy Turns 81!

Nimoy's Spock has become the immutably iconogr...

Nimoy's Spock has become the immutably iconographic face of Star Trek for forty-five years (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we wish a very fond Happy Birthday to living legend, Leonard Nimoy!


Nimoy made his debut in 1951′s “Queen For A Day”. Today he lists Actor, Director, Writer/Poet & Singer as just a few of his many accomplishments throughout his long career. Most of his fans know him simply as the iconic Mr. Spock from television’s Star Trek, while others are fans of his poetry, his singing (The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins), his cameos as himself (Big Bang Theory 2012), or like him simply as a director (Star Trek: IV The Voyage Home).  Nimoy has a career to be jealous of. He is known and loved world-wide and at the age of 81 years he is still making an influence on today’s culture.

When I was young I got to watch Nimoy as Spock on reruns of the original Star Trek. My mother told me a story about how when she watched the show originally she was about my age and she had a crush on Spock. When she told me this my little brain totally accepted the idea of my mother having romantic feelings for a Vulcan. She told me that she had written him a fan letter and had included a drawing of a Vulcan male and female. At the time, I guess, a Vulcan female had not appeared on the show, so it was still a fantasy. She hoped that Nimoy would get her drawing, but didn’t really expect to ever hear back from him.

Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy

Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That story endeared Nimoy to me. The fact that he had given my mother hope effected me deeply. As I grew up I watched for his appearances on shows like Star Trek: Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise and of course any shows where he appeared or was even mentioned. As I observed Spock’s character grow and become more diverse as it evolved, I also watched as Nimoy’s own character grew and evolved. I became a fan in my own right. Of all the Star Trek series I learned to recognize the type-character that was the equivalent to Spock. In ST:NG it was Data, in ST:DSN it was Odo, in ST:V it was 7 of 9, and finally in ST:E it was a Vulcan female by the name of T’Pol, played beautifully by Jolene Blalock. While Spock has become a stero-type icon in Hollywood no one can ever replace the original.

Happy Birthday Mr. Nimoy! Live Long & Prosper some more! <3





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