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Ohio Budget Cuts Killing Local Government Services

The Republicans have never liked actually explaining that their aim is not just to make government smaller, but pretty much eliminate government so that only the privileged few can actually benefit from government. Ohio Governor Johnny FOX News has shown this rather nicely with his recent budget. The ones he pushed through last year has forced Ohio’s cities and towns to to choose between raising taxes or privatizing their services.

Author Terry Pratchett noted that there was a flaw in the model of having to pay people to put out fires. It normally lead to more fires. In reality, it meant greater damage to the economy as people who could not afford the “subscription fee” for fire services ended up losing everything. In the case of the EMS, it usually meant driving up the cost of healthcare.

In fact, what has happened in almost every place where government services have been privatized is that it ends up costing more, not less.

But, when Sycamore Township lost a quarter of their revenue thanks to Kasich’s budget cuts, they had to choose between the largest tax hike in their history or privatizing their fire and EMS services. In then end, the town near Cincinnati chose to privatize their services, something very unpopular with the residents of the town.

Township Trustee Tom Weidman noted that the town’s financial problems are directly tied to Kasich’s budget, and many of the local officials were shocked that Kasich and the legislature chose to abruptly end this source of income.

Kasich is pushing more tax cuts for the state’s top one percent while making sure that the middle class get about enough money to pay for less than a tank of gas.

Kasich is showing that he wants to run the government into the ground. He wants to return to the days when people paid out cash to have a house fire put out, or for a crime to be solved.

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