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One Million Moms Wants To Hide The Worst Of Christanity In The Dark

At least Target understands that they are not really under threat from One Million Moms (a subsidiary of the American Family Association, Inc).

How many people have heard Christians abusing God, Christ and the Bible for their own benefit? How many politicians do you see and hear who put their faith out in the open in some sort of attempt to appear like men of faith when, in reality, they are far less faithful than they should be? How many lives are destroyed because they hide their lives and feelings in the darkness rather than standing in the light.

One Million Moms recently crowed over the fact that they have won a victory regarding the sponsors of the show GCB:

Victory! Way to go moms! You are making a HUGE difference! Most of last week’s sponsors of ABC’s “GCB” heard you loud and clear and did not sponsor this week’s episode. Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Kraft), Mentos (Perfetti Van Melle), Chef Boyardee (ConAgra), and Hellmann’s (Unilever) have pulled their ads from the Christian-bashing ABC program “GCB.” Target was the only company that OMM contacted who did not pull their support so we will contact them again this week along with new sponsors.

OMM continues to be disgusted with the new program “Good Christian Belles” which is blasphemy at its worst! It is based on the book “Good Christian B*tches” and mocks Christianity repeatedly. This anti-Christian program blasphemes God, Jesus Christ, God’s Church, and the Bible. As Christians, we will not stand for this Christian-bashing program. Their actions are giving damaging and destructive perceptions of our religion. Not only is this program insulting to viewers of faith, but also degrading to women. Together we will defend our Christian values and beliefs while demanding women be shown the respect they deserve.

The episode “Hell Hath No Fury” aired Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 10/9 Central on ABC with a PG rating.

The show continues to use Biblical references, hymns, prayer, and scripture to portray Christians in a negative light. The second episode also included:
• Gossip
• Sarcastic “God Bless you!”
• “Out Christian You” simulating a competition
• One gives seductive kissy faces to husband in congregation while singing a solo at church
• Grab each others breast and friend’s daughter’s breast discussing the implants they had done
• “Cleavage helps your cross hang straight”
• Song playing “Jesus Go to Hell”
• One daughter’s tiny cheerleading uniform pops open exposing her bare chest and flashing the crowd at a pep rally
• One husband has a homosexual relationship with a foreman at a ranch and wife knows and is fine with it to save her marriage

Networks like ABC continue to mock Christianity and we will not put up with it. Some in the entertainment business have gone too far, for too long. Christians should no longer sit idly by and allow it to continue without speaking up in protest. ABC has sunk to an all time low with this program “GCB.”

What OMM wants is to whitewash reality. GCB is about the worst among the Christians in this nation. What OMM does not realize, and does not want to realize, is that they are aiding in the further degradation and destruction of Christianity by being upset with this show because, quite honestly, it drags into the light those who are willing to use their religious beliefs as a cover for their sinning and hypocrisy.

There are countless lesbians and gays who hide in what are called ‘white marriages’ in order to remain married and hide their true selves. This is caustic to them, eventually degrading their ability to function as human beings. It hurts the participants in the marriage, and their children.

I remember walking passed a group of Southern Baptists on my way to a service at a different church only to have them look down upon me because I was not showing myself to be as Christian as they thought they were. In truth, they were prideful and disdainful of others.

A lot of “good Christian girls” wear crosses during the day and uncross their legs at night.

These things occur. This is not mocking Christianity. Instead, this is pulling the worst of the so-called Christians into the light so that it is possible to see what the worst look like and, perhaps, make Christianity a better religion for it.



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2 Responses to One Million Moms Wants To Hide The Worst Of Christanity In The Dark

  1. david traversa

    June 23, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    Christianity has a lot of the world’s misery to answer for; and Christ had nothing to do with it; it’s people ike the OMM crowd that have degraded it.

  2. Darcy

    April 3, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    the song is not called “Jesus Go to Hell” it’s called “Jesus Take the Wheel” climb out of the hole you shelter yourselves in and listen to the radio…oh wait you might hear a song about something awful! OMM disgusts me as a Christian. They make people think that all Christians are self righteous hypocrites like them. This show is shining the light on a reality in our country I’m sorry this group thinks they are too good to see the way a lot of Christians actually live…and I am willing to bet money they have done many things that would “shame” their religion…focus on more important things that a TV show…there are bigger problems in the world you could be solving than telling people to boycott a TELEVISION SHOW! if you don’t want to watch it, turn it off and if you don’t want your kids to watch it don’t let them but don’t tell other grown adults what to do with their lives…for it’s not very Christian of you to judge others…that is God’s job!