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The Other Side of the Joshua O’Shea Story


Joshua’s aunt Colleen Rousseau sent LezGetReal Joshua’s side of the story about him being an intruder in a Manchester NH apartment. A Google search did not find any corroborating stories, but that isn’t surprising. Reporting on a ‘half-naked intruder’ is a lot more entertaining than doing a follow-up story on a brutal mugging. I try to be fair, and know there are always two sides to every story… so here is the unreported other side.

Joshua O'Shea - developing black eye visible

Joshua met a woman while he was out at a bar. By the time they left together, he was pretty drunk. She took him to her friend’s apartment, where he was attacked and beaten by the woman from the bar, the woman who lived there and her boyfriend who also lived there. Yes, they used a bat and tools that were lying around. They broke his arm, fractured his skull, broke his eye socket, cracked and broke some ribs and punctured his lung. When they were done, they stole his wallet, his cell phone and whatever was in his pockets and yanked off his pants so he couldn’t go anywhere. The woman from the bar took off, apparently, and the couple got themselves locked out when they took Joshua’s stuff down to their car to stash it before calling the police to report their “intruder”. Josh was a bit more resilient than they expected and managed to find a pair of sweat pants and clothe himself before escaping from the apartment and fleeing.

As bizarre as this sounds, I have to admit that it actually makes much more sense than a random, half-naked man somehow getting into an apartment in the middle of the night to sit in a recliner in the living room. The only part of this story that’s unique is taking him to that apartment to beat and rob him. Luring a drunken man from a bar and mugging him with an accomplice in an alley is much more common. I do hope the Manchester police and courts get this sorted out, and the truly guilty are the ones prosecuted.

So, my apologies to Joshua. My story was more about WMUR posting conflicting stories, but the title did “judge” Joshua. It sounds like he’s got a long road to recovery ahead of him, and I sincerely hope it is a full recovery.



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3 Responses to The Other Side of the Joshua O’Shea Story


    March 23, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    O’Shea was arrested in 2010 for assualt with a knife at a diner in Manchester…he was drunk then too. Check the facts. Is public record

  2. ak

    March 21, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    Yup He got shafted alright. For this I hope the city of manchester, WMUR and the jerk offs that did this get all that they deserve!

  3. Thank you Pat

    March 21, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Thank you very much Pat for posting this, Josh is really getting the shaft and our family is heart broken.I came across your website while reading all the lies the media is saying.Josh thought he was going home with a nice girl,instead there were others waiting.Josh is a well carried guy that dresses to the T and carrying cash to pay a bar tab,being drunk made him a major target I guess.He has a heart of gold and the truth needed to be aired with all this negitive stuff out there.And yes dosent it make much more sense then the several mixed up stories that the so called “victims” cant seem to get straight?? Who I may also say dont have a scratch on them hummmmmmm……Thanks again Pat. Colleen