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Trayvon Martin: Sanford PD Admits Missing Possible Racial Slur


Last evening the Sanford Police Department admitted to ABC News that it missed what might be a racial slur on the last 911 tape from George Zimmerman. Moments before catching up to Trayvon, Zimmerman can be heard on the tape muttering to himself what sounds like “fucking coons”.

FBI Badge & gun.

FBI Badge & gun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is not an ‘aw, shucks’ mistake. This is the beginning of the Sanford PD being forced to come clean about evidence they neglected to collect, mishandled or outright suppressed. They’re under the microscope now, with the FBI and the Justice Department coming in to go over everything they have and trying to fill in the gaps. Some things are lost forever; George Zimmerman can’t be tested for drugs or alcohol now, his vehicle can’t be impounded and gone over for evidence. They have so many questions to answer about how the incident was handled that night and how the investigation was conducted.

I will not be surprised if this ends in not only George Zimmerman being prosecuted for murder, but members of the Sanford PD being prosecuted for intentionally bungling the investigation.

Cell phone with headset

Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ self-defense law can’t save Zimmerman now; his entire story about how things went down has been shredded by the testimony of Trayvon’s girlfriend… a person who should have been contacted during the investigation but never was. Come on, how hard is it to hit redial on a cell phone?

Our hearts go out to this young lady, who will have to go through the years ahead knowing that she was the last person to speak to Trayvon. We know it has hit her hard; she had to be admitted to the hospital when she found out he was dead. Her parents are doing everything they can to support and protect her, but she is showing amazing courage. Her voice on the interview tape relating what she heard is steady. When the time comes, I’m sure she will take the stand in a court of law and bury George Zimmerman.

His conviction will be her last gift to her dead boyfriend.



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