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When the Official Sources Dry Up, the Trolls & Scholars Come Out

Thursday, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey put an end to the release of what would otherwise be public information to the media. “At this time, we are asserting an active criminal investigative information records exemption for any documents, videos, or factual information regarding the case,” her office said in a statement. It was also announced that the city and the Sanford Police Department would refer all media questions to Corey’s office.

I expect that she is less than pleased with whoever gave ABC News the police garage surveillance video earlier this week.

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

The Media in Sanford (werthmedia)

On Wednesday the city tried to shield its employees, by threatening to arrest reporters for stalking if they tried to question employees about the case. They took back the threat on Thursday.

So, with nothing coming from official sources, it’s going to be the unofficial ‘seekers after truth’ who are going to dig up more background information and throw it into the spotlight…

White Supremacist Hacks Trayvon Martin’s Email Account, Leaks Messages Online

Second Trayvon Martin Twitter feed identified

And generally will get it wrong, or at least severely skewed.

Then there are the talking heads, who, for lack of anything new, will regurgitate what has already been reported to examine it, chew it over and spit it out as “news”.

What witnesses say in Trayvon Martin case (Photo credit: Bruno Pin)

Then there are the rare exceptions, the in-depth investigation and reporting of facts not yet part of the official record, or the thoughtful analysis of the broader context of this case.

Protesters declare ‘I am Trayvon Martin,’ but who was he?
Trayvon Martin’s death leaves town divided, struggling with stigma

Hoodies, Trayvon Martin, and America’s Racial Fears

Follow these links, please, even the distasteful ones, and get a fuller view of what’s being reported and said and invented out there. We here at LezGetReal are just one place to go for information on this case; we don’t want to be your only source.

It’s kind of like politics: the more you know, the better off we all are.



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