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Wisconsin Supreme Court To Hear Voter ID Law Appeals


The Wisconsin Supreme Court

As expected, the Walker administration has filed for the State Supreme Court to immediately hear their appeal of the two lower court rulings and the new voter photo ID law is unconstitutional. One judge held the challenge over for full trial next month, while the other just shut it down. Neither case pushed the challenge into the next level, citing how the law requiring photo ID to vote was followed by the shutting down of DMV offices in areas which have historically voted Democratic. That action, an executive act by the Walker administration, is the proof that the law was politically motivated, not fueled by any evidence of any real voter fraud that needs to be addressed by this ID law.

The initial challenge to the law was decided purely on the Wisconsin State Constitution, so it will not be possible to take this challenge into the Federal Court system. There is no citation of Federal law being used because Wisconsin’s “one person, one vote” Constitutional clause is more emphatic than the Federal law.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is majority conservative, with one Justice, David Prosser, currently facing ethics and possible criminal charges for physically attacking another justice. The Court is expected to take up the case immediately because of the time element – with the party primaries on April 3 and the recall elections of Governor Walker, Lt. Gov. Kleefisch, three sitting Republican state senators and replacement of one who just resigned.

Aahhh- Wisconsin in the spring…..




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