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And Now..The Democrats’ Raging Fool

Van Jones

In the spirit of fairness, it is necessary to call out Van Jones for his interview on which was excerpted on The Blaze. Jones was, for a whole six months, the White House’s Green Energy Czar, until the fact that he is an avowed communist became a problem for the Obama administration and Jones resigned. The right wing pointed to Jones and built the myth that President Obama is a Marxist-Maoist-communist-socialist-fascist (which of the five is not like the others?) Muslim Kenyan. On top of the revelations that the President’s former minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright gave a couple of anti-white, anti-American rants from his pulpit, Jones was a blessing to the right wing. They could go so far beyond just putting the President down as a “community organizer,” ignoring his career as a university lecturer. Guilty by close association was so much better than guilty of having taken a class in college or studying the apolitical works of Saul Alinsky.

Now, on the heels of Ted Nugent’s National Rifle Association rant, Van Jones has handed the right wing more fodder for their anti-Obama propaganda. For those who have never heard of it, is a fourteen-year-old hip hop news website. It has five million visitors a month, making it the most popular hip hop site on the web. The Blaze is a conservative news and opinion website founded by Glenn Beck right after his Washington rally in August, 2010. So, what you have is a hip hop website getting 166,667 hits a day being quoted to Glenn Beck’s fanbase.

Ted Nugent, on the other hand, spoke live to 30,000 National Rifle Association members on the same day they gathered to hear speeches from major Republican leaders including their candidate for President. Jones ranted about jobs and Nugent called for chopping the heads off Democrats in November. Major case of false equivalency once again.

But, even liberals and progressives need to distance themselves from what Jones was saying. He is neither a liberal nor a progressive, but a full-blown communist in a world transitioning away from communism because it is a failed system.

Jones compared factory workers, fast food restaurants and retail stores with drug dealers and slave master. His comments bordered on racism and extreme class warfare. His point was that our factories create pollution and kill people. During the interview, Jones called for the end of all pollution-creating industries and restaurants that serve unhealthy foods. His message is being put out by the right wing as “proof” Obama is really anti-job and anti-labor, which is sort of funny given that the right wing is so determinedly anti-labor.

Jones is a fanatic, as deeply committed to cleaning up the planet as Ted Nugent is to owning guns and being able to shoot as many bears as he wants. He does not speak for the administration any more than Nugent speaks for Mitt Romney.

Neither of them should be taken for spokesmen for the candidates in this election, but the fuss The Blaze is making over Van Jones misses the point about Ted Nugent. Days before the 17th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, before an audience of ardent gun owners, Nugent was talking violently about Supreme Court justices, the President, cabinet secretaries and members of Congress. Jones wasn’t talking about blowing up factories or shooting up a KFC.

The Republicans are very big on false equivalencies this year…Bill Maher’s very small cable audience is not Rush Limbaugh’s millions, Hillary Rosen is not part of the President’s election staff and Van Jones’ public endorsement of the Obama campaign was not sought out as Nugent’s endorsement of Romney was. The scales are not balancing here, no matter how balanced Fox News claims itself to be.




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