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Another Lesbian Scout Leader Kicked Out By The BSA

The Boy Scouts of America is a wonderful place where boys can find out about nature, bond with other boys and with their parents, and have a wonderful time. It teaches wonderful lessons. In fact, I remember my time in the Boy Scouts with a bit of fondness. It was a time of lessons learned, and activities done. Of course, I do wish that I had been in the Girl Scouts, but life threw me a few curve balls.

Of course, for us LGBT Americans, the Boy Scouts of America are teaching a very important lesson- life isn’t fair and it is full of a lot of very bad people- like those people heading up the BSA.

That is what so many lesbian mothers and their children are learning, in fact. Life isn’t fair, in fact, it’s very unfair. Loundon County mother Denise Steele learned that the BSA is a very unfair, mean, and horrible organization the hard way. The Loundon Times wrote:

Steele started out in Boy Scouts as a den leader for her son, Jackson, 12, for his school, Horizon Elementary. No other parent would step up to the plate to take on the responsibility of leading a Cub Scout troop.

In retrospect, the situation was probably good – her son’s troop excelled at everything, including accomplishing badges and winning the Blue and Gold Award all five years, one of the highest awards for Boy Scouts.

Above all, like any mother, Steele put her son first and wanted to make sure he had a great time in scouts.

But in June, Steele’s chances to further bond with her son through scouting were dashed.

The mother was removed from the troop after one of the other assistant scoutmasters discovered Steele is a lesbian.

Steele has been in a domestic partnership with Jackie Funk for the past 19 years. The two reside in Potomac Falls with their two children, Jackson and Jaden, 9, and Steele’s nephew Will, 10.

Steele’s homosexuality has never been an issue with her in the past in regards to leading her son’s Boy Scout troop – it may have even opened some eyes to it.

“Some of the guys would come down and ask her advice,” Funk said. “Being a woman, forget about the gay part, it didn’t matter. They respected her for her committment and what she offered and how much she put into it. They respected her.”

The rest of the story is an interesting if upsetting read.

The BSA has complained in recent years about declining membership, declining parental participation, and other problems, and yet, their response is to try giving out merit badges for choosing the right video game. Any push to actually integrate the organization is being met with derision and stupidity. Of course, the fact that so many churches have stepped in probably doesn’t help much with how the BSA is responding to modernity.



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