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Anti-Gay Group Claims US Is Like The Titanic, Gay Rights An Iceberg

The Daily Beast had an interesting analysis of the decline of the National Rifle Organization. What their author did not go into well enough is that, after a while, people stop being afraid. After a while, all the screaming, yelling, crying and claims of how the end of the world was going to happen if X happens just stops people from actually being afraid. It really is a case of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

You see, after a while, when none of the bad things that these people claim will happen actually happens people stop believing the claims that this nation is going to go down like the Titanic striking the ice berg.

Of course, that is what Truth in Action Ministries is trying to say. They are claiming that America needs to steer clear of the “homosexual agenda” or suffer a fate just like the Titanic. The host of the film that they created said that “The moral iceberg is ripping a hole in the structure of America and we’re taking on water. We’ve already hit the iceberg; the ship is going down … [T]he only question is whether we’re going to be able to survive.”

According to Ontopmag:

Media watchdog reported that the film includes commentary from social conservatives Mathew Staver, Richard Land, Bill Federer, Michael Brown, Harry Jackson, Robert Jeffress and Erwin Lutzer.

Federer claims that “there are just a couple steps before the military could be used in a persecution of those that are viewed as enemies of the new state belief system.”

Have you noticed that this hasn’t actually happened yet? In fact, it hasn’t happened for the years and decades that they have claimed that it would. They constantly claim that it will happen. . .it’s going to happen. . .it has to happen. . .it hasn’t happened.



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